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Business Resilience

Business Resilience LP
Business Resilience LP

In these times of uncertainty, businesses need the right tools, strategies, and information to strengthen organizational resilience and avoid downtime. Business Resilience showcases the leaders who have instilled a resilient culture by re-tooling, innovating, and ensuring continuity for the well-being of Canadians and our economy.

New-Gen AI Chatbots Key for Business Resilience in Post-pandemic World

Here’s how Korah Ltd.’s ccRobot uses machine learning to streamline customer support, integrate business processes, and generate real value.

Staying Agile and Innovative Post-COVID: Critical Insights for Business Leaders

What’s in store post-pandemic? No one knows for sure, but the KPMG CEO Outlook report offers a unique lens on evolving attitudes.

How Businesses Can Keep Customers at the Centre — Even When Disaster Strikes

Businesses need to provide excellent customer service even during times of crisis and Avaya OneCloud CPaaS helps businesses build resiliency.

CyberSec: Robert Herjavec Discusses the Looming Threat of Targeted Attacks

Robert Herjavec, CEO of Herjavec Group discusses cyber resilience and how the cybersecurity landscape has changed over the years.

How Governments Can Help Business Recovery Affected by Logistics Issues

Simon Gaudreault, Vice President of National Research at the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) talks about CFIB’s recent report on the logistics impacts of COVID-19 on small businesses.

Business Resilience During COVID-19

As the uncertainty of the pandemic continues, resilient entrepreneurs have started implementing innovative strategies to keep them afloat.

The Startup Canada team at the 2019 Leaders Summit.

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