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Cyber Resilience

There’s no denying it: Canadian businesses must adopt a corporate culture that embraces cyber resilience through innovation and long-term planning strategies. From education to collaboration — and from big corporations to small businesses — Cyber Resilience explores the cybersecurity infrastructure, industry, and the contributions of Canada’s leading experts.

Cybersecurity Tech and Research in Canadian Students’ Hands

As cybersecurity threats and privacy intrusions make headlines across the globe, Canadian industry and universities race for innovative solutions.

Waterloo Cybersecurity Institute Fighting Global Cybercrime [PANEL]

As privacy becomes a growing priority for policy-makers around the world, Canadian industry leaders can influence and shape the conversation.

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Today Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses Need Outsized Cybersecurity

Hacking small business is big business, which makes cybersecurity a crucial form of risk management. Learn how to protect your business and employees.

Cybercrime and Your Business [LISTICLE, INFOGRAPHIC]

Improve cyber security in your organization: learn about cyber threats, what to do about them, and the five best practices to secure your smaller business.

The Cybersecurity Talent Gap: A More Diverse Workforce Is Needed for the Safety of Canadians

Canada needs a diverse and robust workforce of cybersecurity professionals to be competitive in today’s cybersecurity landscape.

Cybersecurity: A National Team Sport

Everyone in an organization has responsibilities in ensuring cybersecurity — not just IT — which is why it’s often described as a ‘team sport.’

Cyber Resilience — Changing the Business Continuity Profession

The members of the Disaster Recovery Information Exchange have seen the rapid evolution of cyberattacks that now impact every facet of their profession.

From Passwords to Biometrics and Multi-Factor Authentication

It’s time to move on from passwords. We can do better, and companies in regulated industries must — and with biometrics, it’s easier than you’d think.

Microsoft Helps Organizations Combat Sophisticated Cyber Threats While Enhancing Productivity

Organizations now grapple with complicated management structures and a proliferation of technologies resulting in increased vulnerability to cyberattacks.

Advancing Cybersecurity in Canada

Three industry-leading experts explore the cybersecurity landscape in Canada and discuss topics of innovation, resilience, and policy.

Why Innovation-Driven Cybersecurity is Key

Joseph Steinberg, Cybersecurity and Emerging Technologies Advisor, explores the innovations that are shaping the cybersecurity Industry.

Innovating Upon Traditional Cybersecurity Processes

Dave Kennedy, Senior Principal Consultant at TrustedSec, explores North America’s current cybersecurity landscape and how organizations can stay resilient.

Shift the Blame for Cybercrime to Where It Belongs: The Criminals

Scott Smith from the Canadian Chamber of Commerce shares his insights about cyber threats and their impact on Canadian organizations.

Growing Cyber Threats Prompt Organizations to Adopt Zero Trust Security Strategies

Attackers have become sophisticated enough to infiltrate networks. Now, 80% of data breaches are caused by the misuse of privileged credentials by insiders.

Business Success Begins with Resilience

Theo Van Wyk discusses the importance of building a culture of resilience to tackle the cybersecurity challenges of modern Canadian workplaces.

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