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Exploring the Microbiome

world microbiome day
world microbiome day

All of us have microbiome populations made up of a unique combination of bacteria, viruses, and fungi that are vital for maintaining a robust immune system. The Exploring the Microbiome campaign aims to examine the various microbiomes that exist in our ecosystems that are essential to all life.

The Microbiome Holds a Key to Human and Environmental Health

The International Microbiome Centre at the University of Calgary is a world leading research centre for studying the microbiome of humans, animals, plants and the physical environment.

The Science Speaks for Itself: Exciting Relief Options for Children’s Eczema

When atopic dermatitis causes our babies and children to suffer from itchy, dry, and inflamed skin, probiotics are providing a new option for scientifically demonstrated relief.

Studying How to Improve Health by Reshaping the Gut Microbiome

Researchers at McMaster University’s Farncombe Family Digestive Health Research Institute are investigating how changes in the gut resident bacteria can lead to disease and developing strategies for diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.

Sentinel North Spans Complexity Scales to Probe the Arctic Microbiome

Université Laval (Quebec City, Canada) supports interdisciplinary research and the deployment of novel technologies to shed light on the Arctic environmental microbiome and its impact on human health.

microbiome sentinel
Photo courtesy: Denis Sarrazin

The Microbiome as a Sentinel of the Changing Arctic

Sentinel North researchers are racing against climate change to uncover clues from the northern environment that could benefit the whole world.

How Two Bodily Systems You May Not Have Heard of Are Affecting Your Health

Université Laval researchers are studying how the endocannabinoidome and gut microbiome influence your health.

sentinel ulaval lp

Understanding the Microbiome: Discerning Fact From Fiction

Probiotic supplements to improve health. Medical treatments involving fecal exposure. Restrictive fad diets. The pros and cons of antibiotics. Risks associated with water-borne bacteria.

Manipulating the Microbiome to Prevent Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease resulting in a lifelong dependency on insulin treatment and a risk of serious long-term complications.

What is the Microbiome, Why Do We Care, and What’s the Importance of Microbiome Research?

If you have ever stopped at the refrigerated section in the health food section of your grocery store, you will have seen a wide selection of products like pre-and pro-biotics. Television commercials tout the benefits of these products on your gut health and microbiota. But what exactly is the microbiota?

Are Your Drugs Right for Your Gut?

The Figeys Lab at the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Medicine tailors nutrition and drugs to each person’s unique microbiome.

Nutrition and the Gut Microbiome

Dr. André Marette is a professor at Laval University and an expert in nutrition and the microbiome. He is currently leading a research group that is funded by a CIHR CMI2 team project grant. The goal of the group is to understand the role of the microbiome in driving type 2 diabetes.

The Connection between the Microbiome and Crohn’s Disease

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) affects so many people from young to all stages in life. It is estimated that 1 in 250 people have IBD.

The Maternal Microbiome Explained

Dr. Deborah Sloboda and PhD Candidate Kate Kennedy speak on their maternal microbiome research.

What is the Canadian Microbiome Initiative, what has it accomplished and what potential does it hold for the future?

Microbiome research has increased dramatically in recent years, unlocking a wealth of data that has yielded tremendous insight into the nature of the bacterial communities and their role in human health and disease.

Mind-Gut Connection

Have you ever felt “butterflies in your stomach” before a big presentation or interview?

Your Unique Microbiome – Your Very Own Ecosystem of Health

While some bacteria cause illness, most of the bacteria that live in and on our bodies actually help keep us healthy.

onebiota man
Photo courtesy of Charis Tsevis

How Microbiome Health Impacts the Development of Celiac Disease

The microbiome is made up of trillions of microorganisms living in the human digestive tract.

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