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Future of Food

Pastel-coloured fork, plate, and knife laid on a table
Pastel-coloured fork, plate, and knife laid on a table

Celebrate Canada’s food industry, from farm to table and beyond, with our latest edition of Future of Food.

Building a Bright Green Future for Agriculture

By 2030, Canada can be a shining example of a thriving food system, with strong supply chains, food security for all, and vibrant rural communities.

What Will the Next Normal Look Like for Canadian Restaurants?

A vibrant foodservice sector is integral to Canada’s social and economic fabric. When our restaurants thrive, so do the communities they serve.

Food for Thought with Loblaw’s VP of Meal Solutions

Nick Kuriya, Loblaw’s VP of Meal Solutions, discusses the restaurant industry and PC Chef, Loblaw’s new meal solutions venture.

How Canadian Fertilizer is Feeding the World

The world’s food production needs will continue to grow. The future of food depends on sustainable fertilizer, and Fertilizer Canada is leading the way.

The Canadian Food System Needs to Be Resilient and Sustainable

To build for the future, Canadian agri-food policy must be relentlessly focused on resiliency, competitiveness, and environmental sustainability.

KFC Setting New Bar for Sustainability

Today’s businesses have a greater responsibility than ever before to be sustainable, and brands like KFC are leading the way.

KFC’s Harvest Program Addresses Food Insecurity and Waste

In partnership with charities from coast to coast, KFC’s Harvest Program is helping address food insecurity and food waste concerns in Canada.

KFC Harvest volunteer holding a bucket of chicken
Photo courtesy of KFC Canada.

The Future of Food Depends on How We Treat What’s Under Our Feet

Together, regenerative and organic agriculture practices give us hope for a future that is more sustainable, ethical, and food secure. Learn how.

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