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Social Purpose

humans hugging earth social purpose
humans hugging earth social purpose

The Social Purpose campaign aims to celebrate the voices of communities and organizations across Canada by partnering together for direct action and sustainable change.

Letting Nature Lead the Way in Solving Two Environmental Crises

Natural climate solutions can be a cost-effective, long-term strategy to save endangered species, mitigate climate change, and stimulate the economy.

Taking a Closer Look at the Role of Corporate Citizenship in Today’s World

Building healthy communities, environmental stewardship, and digital inclusion are keys for building back stronger.

Key to Indigenous Self-Determination Is Economic Resilience

As we chart the course for Canada’s Indigenous future, we must look at the challenges that have hindered Indigenous self-determination with honesty.

Branching and Braiding: Sectors Join Forces for Social Purpose

On this 20th anniversary of the International Year of Volunteers, Volunteer Canada is reflecting on the evolution of volunteering.

Ensuring Canada’s Environmental Sector Workforce Is Inclusive

ECO Canada’s work and training programs ensure all Canadians have an opportunity to participate in the growing environmental sector.

The World Has Problems; Canadian Companies Have Solutions

Li-Cycle is a Mississauga-based company that recycles lithium-ion batteries which power smartphones, laptops and electric vehicles.

Communities Must Drive a Just Recovery

Philanthropy, business, and government need to change the rules to do their part.

Keurig Dr Pepper Canada Promotes a Circular Economy for Plastics

Keurig Dr Pepper Canada’s commitment to using post consumer recycled materials makes it a company that Canadians are proud to support.

How Innovation Can Reshape the World’s Pressing Humanitarian Needs

By adapting medical advances and technology to respond to global health challenges, MSF translates ideas into real action.

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