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Supporting Canadian Dairy

Supporting Canadian Dairy
Supporting Canadian Dairy

Canada’s dairy industry is ubiquitous — so much so, even, that you may not have heard its latest news. Learn about recent innovations in processing, the farmers fighting for our environment’s future, and the superstars of your local supermarket.

Canada’s Dairy Sector Expanding Role in Fight Against Climate Change

Amid growing concerns about climate change, learn how dairy farmers are tackling the issue of dairy cows as a source of greenhouse gas emissions.

Dairy Farmers are Key Contributors to Canada’s Economy and Community Vitality

Travelling through Canada’s beautiful countryside, not everyone may realize that they see the engine of one of this country’s economic success stories.

Canadian Dairy Farmers Take Pride in Sustainable Practices in Their Work

We all know Milk’s classic white, but the dairy industry is getting a whole lot greener thanks to its continued commitment to environmental sustainability.

Canadian Dairy: A Leader in Innovation

Operating a successful dairy farm involves a lot more than meets the eye.

Canadian Dairy Processors Face Challenges Despite Growing Demand for their Products

Mathieu Frigon, CEO of DPAC, explains why Canadian dairy processors face challenges due to trade deals, despite a growing demand for their products.

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