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Future of Food

Believing in the Power of Breakfast

Tommy Kulczyk 

President & Chief Executive Officer, Breakfast Club of Canada

As inflation, the cost of living, and lack of access to nutritious foods continues to impact families and the population in general, now more than ever, there is a need to rally together to help support those who need it most, children. 

Breakfast programs have become an integral part of the lives of families and children nationwide. For nearly 30 years, Breakfast Club of Canada and its partners have been proudly supporting these programs in a variety of ways, including offering adapted solutions designed specifically to take into consideration local needs, available resources, and ensure long-term sustainability of these programs. 

We are driven by values of collective access and inclusivity, and we see the simple act of serving a nutritious breakfast as a catalyst for success. Thanks to the support offered to build their capacities, our school and community partners can implement and maintain reliable, universally accessible, and quality breakfast programs, with a nutritious and complete offer. 

We believe that food can be a unifying and rallying force for children, families, and entire communities. 

We believe in breakfast!

If there is one thing that schools can resoundingly agree on, it is that eating a wholesome and nutritious breakfast in a safe and caring environment is the key to unlocking children’s unlimited potential. It fuels minds, fosters healthy eating habits and cultivates a sense of belonging that transcends the breakfast table.

And so, as we contemplate the future of food, it’s only natural to think about a world where all children in Canada are universally able to access nutritious food at school, no matter their circumstance.

But in order to get there, we need the support of all stakeholders because YOUR generosity provides an equal chance at success for tomorrow’s leaders. Feeding children should be everyone’s business. 

Together, let’s ensure a better start for every child!  

Make a difference today!

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