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Bridging the Agrifood Information Gap with The Canadian Centre for Food Integrity

Ashley Bruner

Director of Research & Stakeholder Engagement,  The Canadian Centre for Food Integrity

Canada’s food and farming sector is a dynamic and sustainable industry, employing one in nine Canadians, and generating $143.8 billion (around seven per cent) of the country’s annual GDP. Canada’s agrifood chain — a complex, highly integrated system — has demonstrated its resiliency over the last few years. Throughout a global pandemic, extreme weather events, inflationary pressures, and international conflicts, our agrifood system is unwavering in its provision of healthy, nutritious food for Canadians and the world. 

Despite this resilience, the landscape of agrifood information can be overwhelming and confusing to the average Canadian. The Canadian Centre for Food Integrity (CCFI), a national nonprofit, members-based organization, plays a crucial role in facilitating transparent conversations about food and agriculture, while helping Canada’s agrifood system earn public trust.

CCFI’s annual public trust research reveals a growing interest among Canadians in seeking out information about food, but a strong skepticism exists; nine in ten report at least a moderate level of concern regarding misinformation or untrue information about the food they eat. Misinformation, fear-based marketing, and distrust of vested interests further exacerbate uncertainties among Canadian consumers. 

To bridge this information gap, CCFI engages in proactive two-way communications within the agri-food sector and directly with consumers. We connect Canadians to their food system through our It’s Good Canada campaign, while helping the industry better earn public trust through research, resources, and dialogue.  

Canada’s agrifood system has an incredible story to tell, one that CCFI is honoured to share. Explore further by visiting our website at foodintegrity.ca.

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