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Using existing energy efficiency technologies, Bullfrog Power enables you to fight climate change without sacrificing convenience, comfort, or profit.

Bullfrog Power believes that sustainability and business goals go hand in hand. Since 2005, the Toronto-based green energy provider has been offering renewable energy options to homes and businesses, helping them reduce their emissions and transform Canada’s energy systems.

Bullfrog Power, a Spark Power company, is now setting its sights on helping Canadian businesses reduce their carbon footprint and save money with energy efficiency technologies. The International Energy Agency (IEA) reports that existing technologies could account for 40 percent of the emission cuts needed to achieve the Paris Agreement targets.

Within the industry and services sectors, energy efficiency can have a particularly high impact. Since 2000, IEA member countries have managed to avoid over 15 percent more energy expenditure, amounting to savings of about $800 billion. More than half of these savings occurred in the industry and services sectors.

Energy efficiency is an untapped resource

While there’s much energy efficiency potential to pursue within the industry and services sector, it’s still largely untapped. Time is one of the major constraints. Many medium-sized manufacturers lack the time to fully assess their operations, research the most effective solutions, or apply for incentives. Without a dedicated energy manager to undertake these tasks, these energy-saving opportunities are pushed to the end of the facility manager’s to-do list.

Nevertheless, energy efficiency technologies are worth a closer look. Aside from helping to reduce emissions and enhance air quality, these technologies also save money and improve energy security and resilience. According to studies completed for the Independent Electricity System Operator of Ontario and the Ontario Energy Board, industrial customers could expect to improve efficiency by 8 to 12 percent in the near term.

Bullfrog is introducing energy efficiency services

To help meet the need for efficiency solutions with easy implementation and quick payback periods, Bullfrog is introducing its energy efficiency services. After a facility assessment, Bullfrog will recommend high-impact efficiency measures that are simple to deploy and come with fast rewards. Most of them will pay for themselves in two years or less.

Unlike a traditional energy audit, Bullfrog will provide you with a firm quote to perform the upgrades. As a Spark Power company, Bullfrog can send technicians to perform the electrical work you’d like to pursue and can refer any other technical service providers you need.

Canadian organizations preparing for the low-carbon future shouldn’t overlook the value and importance of energy efficiency technologies. By integrating proven and reliable energy conservation technologies into their sustainability strategy, companies can showcase their commitment to combating climate change, increasing resiliency, reducing waste, and saving money.

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