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Engineering Our Future

Building a Better World with the Team at Fluor Canada

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Jeff Bonham, Director of Project Operations at Fluor Canada

Jeff Bonham

Director of Project Operations at Fluor Canada

Kelty Macleod, Manager of Engineering at Fluor Canada

Kelty Macleod

Manager of Engineering at Fluor Canada

Marina Muenchrath, Operations Coordinator at Fluor Canada

Marina Muenchrath

Operations Coordinator at Fluor Canada

Innovative engineering firm Fluor Canada Ltd. is tackling some of the country’s most interesting projects, all while being an amazing place to work.

With 40,000 employees worldwide and a 110-year history of excellence, Fluor is building a better world by applying world-class expertise to solve its clients’ greatest challenges. “Fluor is a global engineering, procurement, and construction company,” says Jeff Bonham, Director of Project Operations at Fluor Canada. “We work on large industrial and commercial projects and serve a number of different industries.”

The Fortune 500 Company’s employees provide professional and technical solutions that deliver safe, well-executed, capital-efficient projects to clients around the world. In return, Fluor takes exemplary care of its people, with a focus on team-building, personal and professional development, work-life balance, and inclusion.


Impressive capabilities 

“We’re striving to build a better world by executing projects for our clients and helping them with the energy transition; fostering a diverse, inclusive, and respective workforce; focusing on developing and growing our people; and engaging in our communities,” says Kelty Macleod, Manager of Engineering at Fluor Canada.

“We’re always working to find new ways of doing things,” says Marina Muenchrath, Operations Coordinator at Fluor Canada. Continually evolving and staying flexible — including using lean methodologies — sets the company apart. 

Fluor’s capabilities as an engineering firm are impressively widespread. The company is proud of its small to mid-cap project capabilities, with team members quick to point out that the organization doesn’t only handle mega projects. “We’re involved in the large-scale design and build of our clients’ facilities, but we also operate a Multi Projects Group whose focus is on the small to mid-size projects for a broad base of maintenance, small revamps, turnaround and facility improvement services,” notes Bonham.

Supporting the energy transition 

Fluor excels in the sustainability space, and one of its key focus areas in the Canadian market is supporting its clients in the energy transition.

“There are a lot of changes happening in the  industry through the energy transition, and Fluor has really stepped up to get ahead of the game,” says Muenchrath. “We use our expertise in project execution and technology to help with projects such as carbon capture, renewable fuels, hydrogen and small modular nuclear reactors,” adds Macleod.

Fluor’s sustainability excellence is driven by its innovative team, from technically knowledgeable engineers to smart project execution professionals. “We can help companies and governments understand what’s  required  to implement technology innovations and what it means from a scale of deployment perspective,” says Bonham. 

A leader in sustainability    

For example, Canada’s Net Zero plan which aims to have a net zero electricity grid by 2035. “This is a huge challenge,” says Bonham. “At Fluor, we have the experience, expertise, and knowledge to help inform decision-making, and also for execution. We have a vested interest, not only as players in the energy industry, but as members of our community,  to bring our knowledge to the conversation to help move society forward in this regard.”

Fluor excels in the sustainability space, and one of its key focuses in the Canadian market is supporting its clients in the energy transition.

Internally, Fluor has its own ambitious green goals. “Globally, Fluor’s goal is to reach net-zero scope 1 and scope 2 emissions by the end of 2023,” says Muenchrath. 

Each global Fluor office has its own initiatives to collectively reach this target. In Calgary, Fluor Canada’s efforts include switching to high-efficiency LED bulbs with automatic dimmers, eliminating single-use plastics, and plans for a  solar installation on its main building in Calgary.

A people-first organization   

This pioneering work depends on the strength of Fluor’s employees, and accordingly, the organization highly prizes them.

“Our business is to provide engineering, procurement, and construction services, which are provided by our people, so our people are our assets,” says Bonham. “We recognize that and as a result, we want to treat our people well.”

The advantages of working at Fluor are aplenty, from generous benefits packages that prioritize wellness and mental health, to hybrid work considerations and time-off allocations that promote a healthy work-life balance, to ample opportunities for training, development, and promotion. The organization recently won two awards that highlight its dedication to being a top employer: Canada’s Top Employers for Young People 2023 and Alberta’s Top 75 Employers 2023. 

Importantly, Fluor is a place where both ambitious young grads and higher-up professionals can excel and build long-lasting careers. 

Building a fulfilling career 

Fluor’s Graduates Advancing to ProfessionalismSM group for employees within five years of their post-secondary graduation helps members navigate the early stages of their careers with professional development opportunities and social gatherings. “Our Emerging Leaders Group has a similar intent but is focused on helping mid-career professionals transition into leadership roles,” says Bonham. 

Fluor also has a variety of Employee Resource Groups focused on increasing representation and opportunities for women, creating progressive spaces for LGBTQIA2S+ employees and more. 

Fluor is growing, which is good news for aspiring grads and professionals. “We’re looking to hire just about all disciplines, positions, and levels of experience,” says Macleod. “We’re looking for team players who are driven, accountable, adaptable, and innovative.”

A high degree of technical competency — whether for designers, engineers, project control specialists, or procurement specialists — is also vital, notes Bonham. “We put people on very real jobs right away,” he says. “As a new hire at Fluor, you’ll step right into doing what you’ve been trained to do.” 

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