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How Automate Canada is Leading the Way in the Industrial Automation Industry

Shelley Automate Headshot

Shelley Fellows

Chair of the Board  of Directors, Automate Canada

Nicole automate headshot

Nicole Vlanich

Administrative &  Support Services Coordinator, 
Canadian Association of Moldmakers 

Automate Canada is an association that represents Canada’s innovative industrial automation sector, supporting its members and helping to advance the industry.

Automate Canada is a national association representing companies in the Canadian industrial automation industry. Founded in 2018 by the Canadian Association of Moldmakers (CAMM) and supported by Invest WindsorEssex and the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program, Automate Canada leads, advocates, and showcases industry capabilities and strengths. 

Canada has a global reputation as a hub of innovation in manufacturing automation. The industrial automation industry is one of Canada’s most essential technology industries and contributes an estimated $7 billion to the Canadian economy yearly and creates 40,000 jobs a year. The significant impact industrial automation has on the Canadian economy is just one of the reasons that CAMM founded Automate Canada. 

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“Ontario, particularly Southwestern Ontario, has an incredible cluster of advanced technology companies focusing on industrial automation. So it was shocking to realize in 2018 that we had no representation in Canada by an industry association, which is why enthusiasm and support for Automate Canada were so immediate and sustained. It’s been a privilege to represent our immensely talented and innovative industrial automation sector internationally and domestically,” says Shelley Fellows, Chair of the  Board of Directors at Automate Canada.

As an informative community of industry professionals governed by knowledgeable industry leaders, Automate Canada encourages the development and adoption of technology in the manufacturing sector. It’s also dedicated to educational institutions and assisting the next generation of industry leaders. It continues to support its members’ success, innovation, and global exposure. 

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