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Become a Global Tech Leader by Scaling Your Business with Communitech

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Karen Klink

Director of Channel Partners & Founder Success, Communitech Outposts

Simplify global talent acquisition with Communitech Outposts to scale globally with ease, compliance, and a competitive edge.

When it comes to global tech innovation, the ability to attract and retain top talent is critical to scaling ventures across borders. By partnering with an Employer of Record (EOR) service like Communitech Outposts, founders aren’t just hiring; they’re strategically positioning their companies for global competitiveness.


Communitech Outposts helps late-stage startups or scaleups looking to quickly onboard, pay, and manage global employees without having to create a new corporate entity or hire a contractor. This service simplifies the process of employing international talent and ensures founders remain compliant with local laws and regulations.

“We do all the heavy lifting,” said Karen Klink, Director of Channel Partners and Founder Success, Communitech Outposts. “We make it easy to hire global talent, so companies don’t have the hassle of maintaining a foreign back office. All companies have to do is find their ideal candidates, then we take care of the hiring, payroll, health benefits, and everything in between through our network of in-country partners.”

As part of an ecosystem of support, Communitech Outposts enables founders to tap into global talent pools, compete effectively with their peers, and scale their operations internationally with confidence and compliance. 

“We enlisted the support of Communitech Outposts to hire employees in the United Kingdom and United States,” said Jason Cassidy, Founder and CEO of Shinydocs. “We had tried hiring in different jurisdictions but ended up over-paying for lawyers. Outposts is an all-inclusive package that’s entrepreneur-friendly and has the best interests of founders in mind.”

“In today’s marketplace, agility, compliance, and talent acquisition speed are key, making an EOR service essential,” said Klink. “For companies, this means quicker time to new markets, reduced costs and lower regulatory risks. For Canada, it means a larger presence on the global stage, and ultimately more high-quality jobs and investment here at home.” 

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