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Fuelling Innovation: Communitech’s 25-Year Legacy of Superior Support 

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Sponsored by:

Joel Semeniuk

Chief Strategy Officer,  Communitech

Walid Mowaswes

CEO, PharmaGuide

Tech startups can rely on the supports that Communitech offers, fostering innovation, growth, and global success for founders.

The journey of a tech startup can be a daunting one in today’s digital landscape, fraught with challenges and uncertainties. Recognizing this reality, Communitech has been a pillar of support to tech founders.


Founded in 1997 by visionary tech founders who understood the importance of community in driving innovation and success, Communitech has remained steadfast in its mission to help founders start, grow, and succeed at every stage of their journey.

“We’ve been at the forefront of nurturing innovation and creating a thriving tech community for over 25 years,” said Joel Semeniuk, Chief Strategy Officer at Communitech. “We’re proud to champion our founders on the global stage as they guide us toward a future fuelled by innovation.”

At the core of Communitech’s ethos is the belief that collaboration and connectivity are essential drivers of growth and success. By providing founders with access to a vibrant community of peers, mentors, and industry experts, Communitech facilitates invaluable networking opportunities that enable startups to thrive.

“From the onset, Communitech’s unique ecosystem of advisors, entrepreneurs, and government officials offered us the right blend of expertise and connections,” said Walid Mowaswes, CEO of PharmaGuide. “Whether it was through mentorship, networking events, or access to critical resources, Communitech has been an essential partner in our journey to scale and commercialize our products effectively.”

From assisting with talent acquisition and retention to facilitating access to growth financing and creating connections with potential customers, Communitech serves as Canada’s tech supercharger, empowering founders to realize their visions and achieve their goals. By connecting startups with the right people at the right time, Communitech gives them the support and guidance they need to navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship and emerge as industry leaders. 

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