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Advancing Agriculture: OGVG Promotes Employment, Economics, and Innovation through Next-Gen Tech

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When was the last time you thought about working on a farm? Do images of walking through a field or livestock barn stand prominently in your mind? How we associate agriculture and farming when we visualize our expectations of career opportunities needs modernization and expansion.

Instead of being a general labourer picking tomatoes, you could be a robotics technician harvesting through automation. Instead of manually tracking nutrient, temperature, and light levels, you’re a programming engineer using the latest technology to sustainably grow tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, lettuces, eggplants, strawberries, and more that are distributed throughout North America year-round.

Career opportunties in agriculture

Our virtual reality OGVG VR 360 experience gives you a first-hand view of where our food originates, packed, and distributed to retail stores. A worthy experience to review again. But today, we will show you more novel, innovative, and exciting career opportunities that await you in Ontario’s thriving greenhouse vegetable sector.

Jobs ripe for the picking with the OGVG career experience

The Ontario greenhouse vegetable sector has historically relied on temporary foreign workers to assist in daily farm operations to ensure market demand is met and consumers have a selection of fresh greenhouse produce to choose from. As the COVID-19 pandemic shook the world, domestic unemployment numbers in Ontario and Canada reached all-time highs. Universities, high schools, and many workplaces were operating remotely. Despite a myriad of challenges, some industries continued to work every day — in this case, the greenhouse vegetable sector.

Ensuring the ability to have a job every day is more important now than ever. But, unfortunately, job prospects for Generation Z have not been ideal until now. The concerns of owning a home, planning for a prosperous future, and using the education that individuals paid good money for, are all key drivers impacting this demographic’s apprehension.

In addition to the OGVG VR 360 experience, where you can explore and gain familiarity with the greenhouse vegetable sector, is the launch of the OGVG Careers Experience. So whether you’re educated in biological and environmental sciences, marketing, economics, or any form of engineering and have the passion, attitude, and ability to learn about the greenhouse industry, there’s a future for you!

With assistance from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, and funding through the Canadian Agriculture Partnership, a virtual experience introduces seven segments of a greenhouse vegetable farm, totalling 35 career opportunities. Today’s greenhouse vegetable farms are highly advanced, with jobs ranging from office and human resources, shipping and receiving, research and innovation, packing, and many computer science, technology, and engineering specialist positions.

Currently, there are 3,800 acres of fresh and nutritious fruits and vegetables grown under glass. As the world is seeing global shifts in climate, Controlled Environment Agriculture will become increasingly relied upon to ensure Canada continues to build a strong and resilient domestic food supply system and beyond. While solidifying Canada’s economic future, you can solidify yours. Grow with us as we continue to be the future of farming, growing sustainably and ethically. Earning a future, growing forward, and learning together.

From our house to yours, this is greenhouse goodness at its best.

Career opportunties in agriculture
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