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Leading Education Institute Offers Innovative Ways to Enter Tech Field

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Woman working on computer-Lighthouse Labs
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Desiring to deliver a life-transforming experience in a time-sensitive manner, Lighthouse Labs helps participants jumpstart their careers in tech.

It’s well known that technological advancements have significantly impacted every business industry. It’s also opened doors for the emergence of new jobs that in the past would have seemed unfathomable — jobs like technology and developer professionals.

The digital landscape is fast-paced and constantly changing. That’s why Lighthouse Labs, a top Canadian tech education company, boasts a learning format that moves at the industry’s pace. It offers participants a fun, convenient, and collaborative environment with industry-focused learning and networking.

Attending Lighthouse Labs bootcamp

Lighthouse Labs recently released its 2022 Career Trajectory Report (CTR), proving its programs have been hugely beneficial to past students. Consisting of survey information collected from graduates between 2013 and mid-2021, the CTR confirms that 98 per cent of those who took courses with Lighthouse Labs believe it positively impacted their careers. In fact, 78 per cent are still employed in tech roles, and 96 per cent say they’re still using the skills they learned. 

Get help anytime

Data from the CTR irrefutably proves that students are getting what they need to succeed. Founded in 2013, Lighthouse Labs is the fastest way to enter the tech industry. In fact, 96 per cent of graduates find a job within 180 days of completing their course. 

Students get ample support via Career Services — including access to mentors and advisors who offer guidance every step of the way. This includes career coaching, interview prep, networking, recruitment events, and more. 

The key to Lighthouse Labs’ success is its educational philosophy — to meet the demands of this constantly evolving industry. They provide accelerated, hands-on classes that prepare students with the necessary hard and soft skills to thrive in the workforce and instill the importance of continuous learning throughout their careers.

Students can access online coding, data, and cybersecurity courses to reskill through the 12-week, full-time Bootcamp, the 30-week Flex Program, or upskill on a part-time basis.

Prepared for the future 

A big motivator for students to enter tech is remote work — meaning that workers no longer need to be located in tech-hub cities. Well aware of this industry trend, Lighthouse Labs continues to look ahead and prepare students for the job market. In 2021, 56 per cent of grads said it was a reason they enrolled, and now 88 per cent of them work remotely. Utilizing the CTR findings, Lighthouse Labs looks forward to teaching the next generation of Canada’s top tech workers.

Thinking of reskilling or starting a career in tech? Here are just some of the benefits.

Salary growth: On average, alumni see an increase in base salary by 77% after just four years of graduation.

Work remotely: This growing trend increases job access across the country and allows for a customizable work-life balance.

Growth opportunities: The number of tech roles is constantly increasing, meaning there’s ample room for career advances.

Job stability: These jobs are here to stay and will only get more critical as technology improves.

Find meaningful work: In such a vast industry, you’ll find a role you can be proud of.

Attending Lighthouse Labs bootcamp
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