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Looking to Boost Business Productivity? York University Can Help 

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York University is presenting new and innovative ways to work alongside employers to solve labour challenges that are impacting Canada’s economic growth.

Canada is experiencing labour shortages in many sectors including cyber security, IT, analytics, and more. Productivity levels are at risk — which is why York University’s School of Continuing Studies has introduced new ways to work with businesses to resolve these issues.


The relationship between post-secondary institutions and employers has changed. The university’s comprehensive, collaborative partnerships help employers recruit diverse, experienced graduates, boost employee retention, and upskill high-potential talent. The York team knows that Canada has untapped pools of highly skilled, sometimes considered “non-traditional” talent that could boost productivity and create a more equitable society. 

The school provides many new all-in-one opportunities for businesses to influence program development, host student work projects, and focus on reskilling and employee retention benefits as per the organization’s goals. 

We asked Christine Brooks-Cappadocia, Assistant Vice-President of Continuing Studies, and Terry Wilson-Lall, Director of Business Development at Provista AI, to expand on the benefits of these partnerships and how they boost economic productivity. 

How is York University a “one-stop” provider for employers?

Brooks-Cappadocia: Employers are looking for streamlined solutions. Our school is unique in that we have the scale, a national and international reach, and an emphasis on experience and community building that allows employers and learners to enjoy the reach of a national network with the benefits of a vibrant local connection. We often work with organizations to offer education as an employee benefit. That’s a win-win for employers as participants are more likely to stay and they’re better skilled. With Provista AL, we incorporated a work project into the curriculum. We’ll work with you to craft something that fits your business goals.

What was Provista AI’s experience with this partnership? 

Wilson-Lall: It infused our projects with fresh perspectives and innovative ideas from talented students eager to make a meaningful impact. Their contributions were instrumental. It also provided us with a unique opportunity to scout potential future talent. These opportunities not only improve our processes but also allow our management to upskill and adapt to the evolving needs of remote work and training. 

Consult with York University’s School of Continuing Studies on how it can collaborate to support your business goals.

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