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Wellbeing at Work is the key to business success 

In my work with Wellbeing at Work across the globe, I see many amazing initiatives taking place in several organizations globally and the differences in cultures, regions and approaches provide us all with some great learnings that we can implement in our own organizations too. Working together as a global community, sharing best-practices, and having a co-ordinated approach to the health and performance of the workplace must be the right way forward.

So why are there still reluctant business leaders across Canada not taking this seriously?

A recent survey by ADP has found over half (53%) of workers in Canada are having a negative feeling about work, nearly one-third (30%) of these workers feel tired and overworked and one-third of workers report that a work-life balance is their top priority. After a high level of support during the early months of the pandemic, have we gone back to ‘business as usual’?

The data, proof, and case studies from employers across the world and clear. A well-thought out and comprehensive wellbeing strategy is not a fluffy nice to have but delivers incredible results, fires up productivity and performance, reduces sickness and absenteeism and helps attracts and retains your high-performing workforce. Wellbeing must be a strategic priority for all organizations and leaders across Canada and the world.

Additionally, we are a seeing the development of legislation happening across the globe too.  The NSW Government in Australia, followed by other states in the country soon after, implemented a legal requirement to employers in 2022 on psychosocial safe workplace (and have issued fines in the last 12 months to those who are not complying); in 2019, Mexico introduced new requirements for employers relating to mental health risks in the workplace in 2020 and with workplace harassment such a major source of wellbeing at work, Puerto Rico was the first and only jurisdiction in the United States to introduce new laws. Elsewhere in the world, the UAE has started their roadmap on mental health with new a new law introduced at the end of 2023 and we are also seeing further developments across the US with 32 states now pursuing legislation on psychological safe workplaces.

Modern and successful workplaces and leaders who want sustainable high-performing teams are ensuring that wellbeing is at the heart of their business strategy and are enjoying the fantastic results in their share prices and profitability that a comprehensive strategy brings. That is why I urge all leaders and organizations to join us at the eighth annual Wellbeing at Work Canadian Summit in Toronto and Calgary on October 8-10, 2024 where we will bring the global trends, insights and practical roadmaps on how to achieve this successfully. Further details at or email [email protected]

Get more information about the Wellbeing at Work Summit.

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