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Headshot - Fab Stanghieri

Fab Stanghieri

Executive Vice President & Managing Director, CDM

Digital experience design helps businesses respond to the changing retail landscape and make smarter marketing decisions.

The retail landscape is in a constant state of evolution. Cineplex Digital Media (CDM) helps retailers harness technology to respond to the ongoing change by designing customized experiences that keeps their customers coming back.

“Shopping trends and behaviour continue to evolve and impact the way consumers interact with brands. Retailers need to be agile in order to respond, while providing a great customer experience,” says Fab Stanghieri, Executive Vice President and Managing Director of CDM.

A media and digital experience company, CDM provides retailers with data-driven digital signage and creative content solutions. As a division of Cineplex, CDM understands the challenges the retail industry faces today and is committed to the future of brick-and-mortar retail.

CDM’s machine-learning software platform, FLEX SmartEngine, allows its retail partners to analyze the effectiveness of their digital campaigns and to make decisions based on real-time, in-store information.

Data and inputs, use any customizable data from POS to environment to loyalty and more.  Your content, add product features, promotions, ads or other types of content pieces.  Predictive content, automatically deliver the most relevant content to each customer in real time.  Insights and opportunities, measure what content is working and get recommendations on new types of content.  SmartEngine, powers by continuous machine-learning. Constantly optimizes your content.

“By leveraging digital solutions, retailers can better understand their customers’ journeys and make smarter marketing decisions, providing shoppers with the right content at the right time,” says Stanghieri. “Acting on intelligent data enables personalized content that creates deeper, more meaningful experiences for customers.”

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