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John Ricci

John Ricci

Founder and CEO of Danavation

Digital Smart Labels are transforming the grocery shopping experience and giving grocers a cost-saving and efficient way to engage consumers.

The retail landscape is changing rapidly in North America, with tech-savvy consumers demanding more from their shopping experiences — and grocery stores are no exception. Consumers want seamless convenience, impeccable customer service, and engaging experiences. Digitization plays a big role in this, and Danavation’s Digital Smart Labels are leading the way in reimagining grocery stores.

The smart new tech that’s disrupting the grocery industry

Digital Smart Labels are micro e-paper displays that enable companies across various sectors, including grocery retailers, to automate their labelling, pricing, product information, and promotions in real time. The unique innovation is a product of Danavation Technologies Corp., a leading Canadian tech company that provides Digital Smart Labels to organizations across North America.

Digital Smart Labels are small but mighty. This state-of-the-art technology, driven by cutting-edge IoT automation technology and proprietary software developed by Danavation, is modernizing the grocery store landscape and disrupting the market. In boosting sales, cutting costs, engaging shoppers, and enabling quicker responses to competitor activities, Digital Smart Labels are well on their way to shaping the future of grocery.

Importantly, modern customers increasingly expect such experiences — ones that are seamless, convenient, and highly engaging.

Giving customers a convenient, beneficial, and engaging experience

Digital Smart Labels allow grocery retailers to give customers an enhanced shopping experience. More and more, customers are using this concept of experiences to differentiate between stores, brands, and products — when grocery shopping, they’re not just buying food anymore, they’re buying an experience. Grocers should consider how they can provide shoppers with experiences that teach and enrich them, making their lives better and easier.

“You can add things like augmented reality and QR codes to Digital Smart Labels,” says John Ricci, Founder and CEO of Danavation. “For example, you could allow customers to scan a wine label and see a drone view of the vineyard, the grapes, and the wine-making process. Now they’re not just buying the wine — they’re buying the experience.”

Other details that are important to consumers can also be displayed on Digital Smart Labels, including information about ingredients or dietary preferences, product reviews, in-store promotions, cross-promotion, and more.

Digital Smart Labels offer multiple benefits for grocery stores

Digital Smart Labels also increase grocers’ operational efficiency and free up employee time, so staff can focus on product education and offering valuable customer service — much more high-impact tasks than switching out labels manually. “You’ve got smart people working for you. Have them do things that are important to you rather than menial tasks,” says Ricci.

Digital Smart Labels sync with grocers’ ERP and POS systems, offering unprecedented speed and accuracy and vastly improving in-store efficiency and productivity. This cuts costs while also generating sales — an incredible boon for grocery stores, where profit margins can be low. Digital Smart Labels also allow grocers to avoid costly mispricing errors, to improve store organization and inventory control, and to streamline labour workflows.

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