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Coffee in Canada

Enjoy a Perfetto Moment at Home with a De’Longhi Espresso Machine

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Photos courtesy of De'Longhi
brad pitt dlonghi
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Photos courtesy of De'Longhi
Doug Parkinson

Doug Parkinson

Category Manager of Coffee at De’Longhi

An elevated home coffee experience and enjoying your own personal perfetto moment is within reach.

A premium cup of coffee can create a perfect moment — or a perfetto moment, as Italian luxury appliance company De’Longhi likes to call it. As Canadians continue to spend more time at home, being able to create and enjoy an elevated home coffee experience has never been more appealing. With the right high-quality machine that’s personalized to your preferred brewing style and equipped with top-notch features, you can enjoy a perfetto coffee moment at home, any day and any time.

Turning your coffee ritual into a perfetto moment  

Whether it’s a freshly-brewed espresso in the morning or a post-lunch cappuccino, a good cup of coffee has the power to create a sensual, pleasurable, perfetto moment.

“Coffee is very ritualistic and emotional,” says Doug Parkinson, Category Manager of Coffee at De’Longhi. “People view it as a treat throughout the chaos of the day. We want to give people the tools to have their own perfetto moment — using our machines, everyone can have an elevated experience within their home.”

That’s because premium taste and a premium experience come from — you guessed it — premium espresso makers. De’Longhi is synonymous with coffee expertise, and the company’s first-rate espresso machines let you craft authentic espresso at home, the right way.

“Our approach to product development is a blend of innovation, quality, and design,” says Parkinson. “We offer machines to create the perfect cup every time — whether you prefer an automatic espresso machine or a manual one.”

De’Longhi’s Dinamica Plus

The perfect machine for your coffee

The coffee experience really starts with high-quality, freshly-roasted beans, and most De’Longhi machines feature built-in grinders so coffee lovers can explore the world of coffee and enjoy freshly-ground beans with every cup.

Two of De’Longhi’s most popular machines, the Dinamica Plus and La Specialista Prestigio, feature built-in grinders, amongst other premium features.

“The Dinamica Plus embodies everything that automatic espresso machines bring to the table,” says Parkinson. “It features our patented brewing unit, which ensures the right grind, dose, temperature, and pressure. Our LatteCrema System delivers the perfect amount of milk texturing and density for lattes and cappuccinos, all at the touch of a button. It’s essentially a coffee shop on your countertop.”

For those who prefer a more hands-on brewing experience, La Specialista Prestigio is De’Longhi’s hero in the manual space. With sensor-grinding technology, a smart tamping station, and more, it’s an innovative machine that’s commercially inspired but accessible.

De’Longhi’s La Specialista Prestigio

An inspirational global campaign

De’Longhi’s global Perfetto campaign features brand ambassador Brad Pitt and takes viewers through an aspirational day in the life of Pitt. From an idyllic motorbike journey to pick up freshly-roasted beans to brewing a cappuccino and finally pausing to reflect and enjoy his personal perfetto moment, Pitt’s day shows the personalization and accessibility of the perfetto moment.

“Brad absolutely loves espresso and coffee, he’s looking for quality, and he has an appreciation for design,” says Parkinson. “These are all elements within our brand DNA. We’re really excited about having an ambassador like Brad who shares all the same principles as our brand to help bring that message to life in a creative, meaningful way.”

Discover the joy of an elevated home coffee experience. Take advantage of De’Longhi’s Black Friday promotions on its Dinamica Plus espresso machine (from $1,999 to $1,499) and its La Specialista Prestigio espresso machine (from $999 to $799) at Hudson’s Bay.

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