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Diverse and inclusive gaming companies like Electronic Arts (EA) offer tremendous opportunities for women in STEM.

As a worldwide leader in digital interactive entertainment, Electronic Arts (EA) has developed and delivered video games and online services for console, mobile, and PC platforms for over 25 years. The gaming company giant’s EA SPORTS division focuses on developing and publishing sports video games, connecting millions of players around the world to their favourite sports, teams, and players. Its portfolio includes EA SPORTS FIFA, EA SPORTS MADDEN NFL, EA SPORTS NHL, EA SPORTS UFC, EA SPORTS NBA LIVE, and other new intellectual property products.

The stereotype that gaming — and especially sports video games — are mainly for males persists, but EA SPORTS is bucking the trend. Diversity and inclusion are at the core of the company’s mission.

Leading inclusion and diversity initiatives   

“EA exists to Inspire the World to Play — to create games that speak to and resonate with people everywhere,” says Natali Altshuler, Vice President and Head of Operations at EA SPORTS. “With 2.6 billion gamers around the globe, gaming transcends race, gender, and culture. To create powerful experiences, our games must be as diverse as the communities we serve.”

To resonate with this wide player base, EA uses an Inclusion Framework to challenge its creative thinking and help its teams develop more inclusive characters and stories. “The Framework facilitates driving in-game representation, ensuring we create multi-dimensional characters and inspiring our teams to create games that deliver an experience of belonging,” says Altshuler.

Natali Altshuler
Natali Altshuler is Vice President & Head of Operations at EA SPORTS.

Cultivating inclusive community and allyship

EA’s Women’s Ultimate Team (WUT) also helps to create a sense of belonging at EA and to foster safe, fun, and inclusive workspaces. “The group’s goal is to enhance employee engagement, encourage different perspectives, and create an incredible employee and player experience,” says Altshuler.

Beyond the WUT, EA has five additional Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) across 24 offices to help cultivate a diverse workforce. The ERGs include LGBTQ+, Hispanic/Latin, Black, Asian, and Accessibility. “Each ERG provides community and allyship for our employees,” says Altshuler. “Having an inclusive and diverse workforce is critical — it fuels our creative process and enables us to deliver amazing games and experiences for our players. We want to create a company culture where people bring their whole, best selves to work and we’re committed to investing in our people and their development.” 

Opportunities for women in STEM

When you think of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), gaming may not jump to mind — but many of EA’s career paths are in STEM fields, presenting ample opportunities for women in STEM.

“The gaming industry is growing quickly, and so is EA SPORTS,” says Altshuler. “We’re always looking to attract and hire diverse talent, at all skill levels, to help us build new immersive and innovative experiences for the next-generation platforms and to help us add new games to our portfolio.”

Career opportunities include designers and producers to help set the vision and direction for games, project managers to help with planning and goal-setting, software engineers to implement new ways for players to engage, and artists and animators to help bring those features to life. For young professionals with these STEM skills, EA SPORTS is an all-star choice for your career.

It’s in the game.

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Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts (EA) is a global leader in digital interactive entertainment, developing and delivering games, content, and online services for console, mobile, and PC platforms.

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In fiscal year 2020, EA posted GAAP net revenue of $5.5 billion USD


EA SPORTS is one of the most iconic brands in entertainment with over 25 years of innovation, passion, and connecting millions of players across the globe to their favourite sports, teams, and players.

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