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Bruce G. Matthews, Association of Consulting Engineering Companies — Ontario

Bruce G. Matthews

Executive Director, Association of Consulting Engineering Companies — Ontario

The second law of thermodynamics tells us that change is inevitable, and that without input and controls, change tends towards disorder and chaos. This is true for physical systems as well as socioeconomic systems. Creating positive change in anything requires continuous effort, but effort alone isn’t enough. Solving the social, environmental, and economic challenges of our times requires constant innovation, driven by design and fully cognizant of the underlying science.

Engineering exists at the intersection of design principles and scientific principles. Engineers have a reputation as problem-solvers, and consulting engineers and the firms they work for are centres of excellence and thought leadership for a broad range of today’s challenges. Consulting engineering companies find innovative solutions to technical problems, but they also provide strategic advice to businesses and governments. Consulting engineers have designed and built much of our public infrastructure, seeking the greatest lifecycle value for taxpayer dollars invested in things like transit, transportation, and water and wastewater systems.

Every year, the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies — Ontario recognizes and celebrates the best work of our member firms at the Ontario Engineering Project Awards. Tune into this year’s ceremony on May 20th to learn about the top tier of consulting engineering projects.

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