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The Raised by a Canadian Farmer brand is an important marker that informs Canadians about the origin and quality of their chicken.

There’s no question about it — the Raised by a Canadian Farmer logo is one that Canadians should demand on their chicken.

Raised in Canada, by farmers you can trust

“We created the Raised by a Canadian Farmer brand after many years of consumer studies,” says Lisa Bishop-Spencer, Director of Brand and Communications at Chicken Farmers of Canada. “Canadians were concerned about where their chicken was coming from. We wanted to create a symbol of both origin and quality – something that Canadians could see, something that told them that their chicken was raised here, by farmers who care.”

Almost 84% of Canadians want to know what country their chicken comes from, but only 54% currently do. The vast majority (over 91%) believe that it’s important that Canadian chicken be labelled as such. 77% of Canadians would trust a Canadian-raised chicken label if it came directly from a farmers group, rather than a manufacturer or retailer. The fact is that Canadians want Canadian chicken.

Initially, the Raised by a Canadian Farmer brand stood for just that: it assured Canadian consumers that the chicken they were buying or eating was Canadian and raised by a farmer they could trust.

Raised by a Canadian Farmer means even more now

Chicken Farmers of Canada’s national, mandatory, and third-party audited animal care and food safety programs are now encompassed by the Raised by a Canadian Farmer brand. The brand also represents the Canadian chicken industry’s commitment to sustainability excellence.

“Over time, Canadians told us they wanted the logo to mean more,” says Bishop-Spencer. “We already had all these great programs in place, so we brought them all under the Raised by a Canadian Farmer banner.”

“Farmers take great pride in being able to bring Canada’s number one protein to tables from coast to coast,” says Bishop-Spencer, “The Raised by a Canadian Farmer brand shows the world that farmers are committed to doing everything they can to maintain consumers’ hard-earned trust.”

A simple way to deliver on consumer expectations

Chicken Farmers of Canada is encouraging restaurants, retailers, and processors to sign on to the brand and to include the logo on their products and menus. “This is an effective way for retailers and foodservice to deliver on consumer expectations,” says Bishop-Spencer.

The logo is available free of charge to anybody who is delivering Canadian chicken to their consumers. Many companies are already on board, from Walmart, Swiss Chalet, and KFC to brands like Granny’s, Yorkshire Valley Farms, and Maple Leaf Foods.

Does your chicken have the Raised by a Canadian Farmer stamp of approval?

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