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Innovative Partnerships

RRC’s Partnerships Are Bringing Innovations to Life

Red River College
Red River College
Dr. Simon Potter Red River College

Dr. Simon Potter

Director of Research Partnerships & Innovation,
Red River College

Red River College (RRC) is making impacts at home and around the world. RRC, Manitoba’s only polytechnic, works with largescale partners as well as small- and medium-sized enterprises to bring project ideas to life through the delivery of technical services, applied research, and training to other organizations through industry-focused centres.

“Applied research at RRC works in tandem with our education and training programs,” says Dr. Simon Potter, Director of Research Partnerships and Innovation at RRC. “While our applied research is ground-breaking, we place equal focus on ensuring increased knowledge capacity in our communities and local industries so that we evolve usable innovations and technologies in lockstep with their requirements. That’s what RRC brings to the table: we work closely with community partners to bring their innovation projects to life.”

Powering the province through a pandemic and beyond

Throughout the pandemic, RRC’s award-winning research enterprise has been operating at full capacity, safely getting work done for clients while providing valuable work placement hours for students.

The college’s three Technology Access Centres (TACs) work with industry to promote sustainability, functionality, and innovation, supporting Manitoba’s economy in three key areas of research and development: culinary research and food sciences, building efficiency technology, and aerospace manufacturing.

“Partnering with RRC gives industry access to not only state-of-the-art research and development, but business development and information technology from its other departments,” says Dr. Potter. “One area of the college may work with a client directly on manufacturing their product, while another area can develop a business plan, website, and other marketing materials. It’s a one-stop shop.”

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