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Furniture shopping doesn’t have to be a hassle. Cozey is simplifying Canadians’ lives with modular, stylish sofas that require no tools to assemble and deliver to your door in less than a week.  

The pandemic forced thousands of small businesses in Canada to shutter their doors. But for Frederic Aube, it was a good time to start a new one. 

The McGill University graduate started Cozey – a company that creates comfortable, stylish and modular sofas – in late 2019. Aube and most of his friends were living in downtown Montreal, in small apartments that didn’t allow for bulky furniture. He was inspired by the surge in popularity of turnkey mattress solutions that delivered in a compact box, were easy to transport and quick to set up.

“We first started with the idea to simplify Canadians’ lives,” says Aube. “By packaging our sofa in a box and re-thinking the assembly process, we thought we could create something that made moving a lot easier. By adapting our sofa to today’s generation, we wanted to create a feeling of comfort, so we developed the perfect sofa for modern living.”

An innovative solution, designed in Canada

For 18 months, Aube worked closely with leading industry experts in Montreal to design the Cozey modular sofa.

“We had a vision of the perfect sofa, and we didn’t want to trade off ease of assembly for quality or sturdiness,” Aube explains. After a long search, he found a manufacturer in Asia to bring his vision to life. “A lot of companies didn’t want to deal with creating a brand new assembly system,” Aube adds. 

Cozey’s sofas are modular, which means you can customize the size to your needs. You can choose the sofa shape, number of seats, and arm design, and there’s the option to add an ottoman or a lounging chair for extra comfort. There are also a number of colours to choose from, like charcoal, dark grey, light grey, ivory and navy blue. 

Once you pick you configuration, the sofa ships right to your door in a compact box and offers effortless, simple assembly that doesn’t require any tools.

Customer service at Cozey’s core

Cozey doesn’t take weeks or months to deliver like most other furniture companies. Shipping is free and quick, delivered in approximately 3 to 4 days from when you place your order. 

“Our willingness to hold inventory to create a great customer experience has been a big factor in our success,” says Aube. 

Buying furniture online can be daunting, but Cozey’s customers can rest assured with a 30 day risk-free trial – if the sofa doesn’t work for their needs, Cozey picks it up and gives you a 100% refund, with no hassle and no restocking fee. 

“Since day one, customer service has been the most important part of our business,” says Aube. “It really is our number one strength.”

The company also takes customer feedback seriously – since launch, they’ve made more than a dozen changes to their model, from better foam and fabric upholstery to tweaking the arm design, all based on real feedback from Canadians.

Giving back to the community

When customers buy from Cozey, they’re doing more than just buying a sofa. For every Cozey sofa purchased, the company donates a care box to a homeless shelter in Montreal. 

“Homeless shelters are always in need of warm clothing, non-perishable food and hygiene products,” says Aube. “In our mission to offer comfort for all, we need to start with the communities that need our help the most.”

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