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Dr. Na (Jenna) Jia

Dr. Na (Jenna) Jia

Program Chair & Associate Professor of Petroleum Systems Engineering, University of Regina

Dr. Kathryn Bethune

Dr. Kathryn Bethune

Professor of Geology, University of Regina

Women interested in STEM research, education, and careers can find a rewarding experience at the University of Regina.

The University of Regina (U of R) is located in the heart of the Canadian prairies in Treaty 4 Territory. At this vibrant university, women in STEM fields are playing important roles in research, education, and service.

U of R’s Faculty of Science is a thriving community of students and faculty, active in learning and discovery in all areas of fundamental and applied science.

The Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science offers several rewarding fields of study that blend creativity and imagination with the science and mathematics of design and problem-solving. This programming also encompasses human factors of personnel and resource management, planning, and organization. 

The women leading the way 

Women in both faculties are doing amazing work at U of R.

Dr. Kathryn Bethune is a Professor of Geology in U of R’s Faculty of Science and a professional geoscientist. Her research pertains to Precambrian rocks — the oldest rocks in the world. “I deal with the field of tectonics, so we study the ancient processes that shaped the Precambrian shield of North America,” she says. “I also look at regional metallogeny and the controls of economic ore deposits — resources like gold and uranium.”

Dr. Na (Jenna) Jia is the Program Chair and an Associate Professor of Petroleum Systems Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science. “My current research area is the phase behaviour for unconventional oil and gas,” she says. “I’m also working on researching enhanced oil recovery.”

Both researchers and professors are helping to shape the world, and U of R has provided a backbone of support throughout their careers.

“I have a well-appointed research lab with great facilities to carry out the laboratory-based work that we do,” says Dr. Bethune. “I’ve been able to carve out a productive and meaningful career here at U of R.”

A wealth of opportunities 

There are a variety of exciting research opportunities available at U of R for undergraduate students, graduate students, and career academics.

“There’s a real interplay between teaching and research,” says Dr. Bethune. “When students are being taught by research-active people, they’re getting the cutting-edge knowledge in that discipline.”

“We also make a concerted effort to provide opportunities for our female students,” says Dr. Jia. “For example, I provide chances for some of my female students to present their work to external companies and other non-profit organizations and to take part in international conferences. This allows them to build up their confidence and encourages them to continue working in STEM fields.”

Graduate students have opportunities to work under the mentorship of high-quality researchers such as Drs. Bethune and Jia and to take advantage of U of R scholarship programs, including some that are designed specifically for women.

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