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COVID-19 Response

Your Role in Infection Prevention and Control

Person using hand sanitizer
Person using hand sanitizer

“Infection prevention and control professionals across Canada are working hard with government, public, and private institutions to ensure that there’s a coordinated and rapid response to the novel coronavirus,” says Barbara Catt, President of Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) Canada.

Over recent weeks, infection control pro- fessionals (ICPs) in various settings across the health care spectrum have taken pre- cautionary measures and provided advice to patients and the public as cases of COVID-19 have risen.

Federal funding is helping Canadians, but the most important support comes from members of the public. “We need people to take the most important precautionary steps diligently in this context to limit the spread as much as possible and to keep additional pressure off the health care system,” says Jennifer Happe, a Director of IPAC Canada. The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) has spearheaded efforts to make Canadians aware of the symptoms of COVID-19. and the risk factors for transmission.

“At this time, we wish to commend the Public Health Agency of Canada and the Minister of Health for their hard work on this developing issue,” Happe adds. “We strongly urge Canadians to rely on trusted sources of information like the PHAC and their provincial Chief Medical Officer of Health regarding this quickly-developing situation.”

For more information, consult established public sources for accurate news related to the spread of this illness. These include the PHAC, the World Health Organization, the Centre for Disease Control, provincial public health officials, trusted national associations, and health care professionals.

COVID-19 has affected just about every individual and industry in Canada. It’s important that we continue to support one another and unite to conquer the virus and prosper through this unprecedented time.

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