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Dr. Wendy Smeltzer

Dr. Wendy Smeltzer

Medical Director, Wello

Virtual health care companies can help support Canadians during this challenging time.

Businesses in Canada continue to navigate the uncertainties of the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes not only the economic impact, but also supporting the health of employees while maintaining social and physical distancing. Virtual health care companies, such as Wello, provide access to medical professionals from the comfort and safety of home. Through phone and video visits, they can ease the pressure off face-to- face medical appointments and help limit the spread of COVID-19.

Wello is providing free resources to business leaders looking for guidance on how to support employees during this challenging time. This includes online resource pages and live webinars with advice for both employers and employees.

“Recognizing that small business owners are looking for support and resources during this uncertain time, Wello is equipping them with easy-to-understand information and supporting their employees with virtual medical support,” says Dr. Wendy Smeltzer, Medical Director of Wello.

Wello is a provider of 24/7 virtual health care services delivered by its expert team of clinicians. These services are available through phone and video visits as well as secure webchat.

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