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Agricultural Innovation brings you the experts and leading associations from across Canada’s agriculture landscape. Read about the latest industry innovations in sustainability, food production, farming technologies, conservation collaborations, and waste management.

Saskatchewan: Advancing Agriculture with Emerging Technologies

Partners at Ag-West Bio, Saskatchewan’s bioscience industry association, shed light on seven emerging technologies the province is using to lead the way.

Ensuring Soil Health to Feed the World

Fertilizer Canada offers a number of 4R eLearning courses, and works with provincial and federal governments to deliver sustainable solutions to producers.

Digging Deeper: How Can Dirt Help Solve Climate Change?

The soil we walk on offers the possibility of saving our planet from global warming. It’s something to think about when you tramp on that ‘plain old dirt.’

Cultivating Advice for a Successful Farm Transition

A transition plan is critical for any business, but when it comes to Canadian farm owners, most are unprepared to hand over operations.

Agriculture Has Changed, but Has Our Support Strategy?

With a growing global population and an increased need for food, we need an emphasis on how to grow food — and with that, innovation becomes a necessity.

It Starts with a Seed

Our mission at the Canadian Seed Trade Association is to foster seed industry innovation and trade. The way we see it, better seed equates to better life.

Reshaping Future Generations of Farming Through an Intuitive Software Platform

Modern farmers turn to software platforms to manage everything from soil temperature to yield, for maximum sustainability, risk management, and efficiency.

New Agricultural Enterprise Management Program Helps Agriculture Thrive

The University of Lethbridge’s new Agricultural Enterprise Management program increases the economic value and competitiveness of Canada’s agri-food sector.

The Canadian Egg Industry’s Remarkable Sustainability Story

As demand for Canadian eggs grows, their environmental footprint shrinks — and it’s possible because sustainability is a core tenant of the egg industry.

Canada’s Prairies Are Leaders in Sustainable Beef Farming

The University of Saskatchewan’s Livestock and Forage Centre of Excellence showcases why the future of sustainable farming lies in Canada’s Prairies.

Cleanfarms Credits Industry for Achievements in Ag Waste Recycling

Cleanfarms operates programs for a broad range of non-organic farm ag-waste materials, from empty fertilizer jugs to pesticide bags.

Guardians of the Grasslands

Opening Eyes Through the Lens: How Agriculture Protects Canada’s Grasslands

Guardians of the Grasslands is countering misconceptions as we see the positive role agriculture plays in a sustainable and thriving grasslands ecosystem.

Cattle Farmers and Conservationists Combine Forces

Cattle farmers and conservationists raise awareness about the importance of the grasslands to our environment, and of cattle to the grasslands.

Canadian Cattle Stand on Guard for Our Grasslands

Guardians Of The Grasslands explores one of the world’s most endangered ecosystems, Canada’s Great Plains, and the role that cattle play in its survival.

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