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Canada’s Most Innovative Cities and Towns

Innovative Cities - Campaign header
Innovative Cities - Campaign header
Could Western Canada’s oldest city, New Westminster, be the perfect place to grow your new business?

With the cost of living continuing to rise, and the job market being denser and more competitive than ever, it’s vital that Canadian cities continue to innovate and develop themselves into viable landing place for new skilled workers and companies. Find inspiration for a new initiative — or home base — in our new campaign, Canada’s Most Innovative Cities and Towns.

Smiths Falls: A History of Innovation and Industry

Canadian cities and towns that work tirelessly to be innovative and welcoming to businesses and skilled workers — such as Smiths Falls, ON — are thriving.

The Canadian Dream: Understanding the Importance of Economic Development with Richard Florida

Richard Florida — leading urbanist and entrepreneur — shares his a unique perspective on economic development and innovation in Canada.

The City of Oshawa: Building the Next Generation Economy

Learn how AI, autonomous vehicles, and other technological innovations have quickly woven their way into Oshawa’s economic landscape.

Goderich: Southwestern Ontario’s Gateway to the World

Goderich, ON, offers a wealth of scenic beauty, recreation, sports, arts, culture, shopping — and innovative economic opportunities.

New Westminster’s Businesses Connecting with BridgeNet Fibre

New Westminster is facilitating a major infrastructure project to accommodate modern businesses’ needs for affordable, reliable high-speed internet.

How Barrie Is Balancing Modern Innovation in a Well-Connected Community

Barrie is more than just its ski resorts, trails and beaches — it’s also bustling with innovation, community connections, and big opportunities.

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