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Learn from the Canadian companies, organizations, and thought leaders paving the way for cleantech innovation and environmentally-friendly tech.

At the Forefront of the Smart Sustainable Energy Network

We rely on utilities to power our electrified lives, and tech companies like Opus One Solutions are looking for technology and analytics to power the grid.

The Innovative Project Decentralizing Energy Generation

Opus One Solutions’ latest initiative is helping to develop a smarter energy network that’ll aid the U.K. in meeting its net-zero goals.

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Canada’s Chance to Lead in the Climate Economy

Yung Wu, CEO of MaRS Discovery District, discusses how cleantech ventures are poised to play a key role in the transition to a sustainable future.

Canada Is Leading the Way to Smart Cities

ABB leads the way for sustainable tech, supporting five key areas of a city’s infrastructure: buildings, transportation, data centres, water, and industry.

How Energy Efficiency Reduces Emissions and Saves Money

Using existing energy efficiency technologies, Bullfrog Power enables you to fight climate change without sacrificing convenience, comfort, or profit.

EV Charging Gets a Leg Up Under the Right Plan

The road to carbon neutrality demands the electrification of transportation, and alongside it, the charging infrastructure to enable the transition.

From Waste to Wealth: Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling

What’s the environmental footprint of that electric vehicle you’re coveting? Thanks to the innovative Canadian company Li-Cycle, it’s less than it could be.

Strong Economic Recovery Lies in the Cleantech Sector

Untapped opportunities in the cleantech sector have the transformative power to help rebuild Canada’s economy cleaner and greener than ever before.

The Future of Transportation Has Arrived

The adoption of electric vehicles is accelerating, and GreenPower Motor Company’s traction in the commercial market has it leading the charge.

Recycling EV Batteries in a Safer, Sustainable, and Circular Way

Lithium-ion battery recycling is typically inefficient and unsustainable. Here’s how the pioneering Canadian company Lithion is changing the game.

How to Disrupt the Energy Sector with AI Optimization

What do buildings, electric vehicles, and batteries have in common in the fight to decarbonize our electricity system? Peak Power has the answer.

How Energy Partnerships Are Diverting Organic Waste

EnerFORGE teamed up with the Toronto Zoo to convert animal waste (read: poop) into energy. It’s all part of Canada’s transition to a lower-carbon future.

Real-Time Data Is the Future of Water Quality Analysis

Innovative technology from Ontario-based MANTECH analyzes water, soil, and food in minutes, saving precious time and contributing to a greener environment.

The Zero-Emission Fleet of the Future Is Here

Purolator’s new fleet of innovative delivery vehicles is helping to reduce its environmental footprint while keeping our cities cleaner, safer, and quieter.

A Community Built from the Ground up to Be Sustainable

Zibi is to become the National Capital Region’s first carbon-neutral community thanks to an innovative partnership with Hydro Ottawa and Kruger Products.

Investing in the Cities of the Future at Ryerson

Ryerson University’s work on renewable energy sources, ground-breaking building materials, and more make the institution a leader in cleantech innovation.

Clear the Air and Reduce Our Spending

Reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by widely-adopting electric vehicles will mitigate the impacts of climate change — and that’s not the only advantage.

How Cleantech Companies Can Drive Canada’s Economy

Jon Dogterom from MaRS Discovery District explains how MaRS is supporting and empowering innovators in Canada’s cleantech sector.

The Case for Embracing Innovation in Clean Technology

Dan Goldberger, Chairman of Ontario Sustainable Energy Association, on how to address climate change while ensuring we retain energy reliability in Canada.

Renewable Energy for Economic Recovery

Renewable energy can contribute to economic recovery through investment and job creation that advances Indigenous rights and achieves climate commitments.

Thinking of a New Career? Think Cleantech.

The growth in Canada’s cleantech industry is leading to a burgeoning market for green jobs, a key ingredient in economic recovery.

Cleantech in Canada with Jeanette Jackson

Jeanette Jackson, CEO of Foresight Cleantech Accelerator Centre, discusses Canada’s position to become a worldwide leader in cleantech.

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