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Future of Food

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Future of Food header

With the global population expected to reach 10 billion by 2050, Canadians are having to rethink where and how they get their food. Future of Food highlights the industry leaders, influencers, and innovators who are shifting every stage of the supply chain — from source to plate — so you can learn about the healthy and sustainable advancements available to your community.

Grab a Bite of Canada with Anita Stewart

We asked Anita Stewart — activist, educator and food writer — about Canada’s rich culinary history, and where our agriculture and food industry is headed.

How Innovative Companies Are Tackling the Biggest Challenges in Food and Nutrition

As the global population rises, so too will the strain on our food production. Shelley King says Canada’s entrepreneurs are meeting this challenge head on.

Planting a Sustainable Future for Agri-Food Through Research and Innovation

Research investments are leading to new approaches for sustainable agriculture and food production — like the University of Guelph’s Food from Thought program.

Today’s Menu: Supplements and Natural Health Products

We asked Healthy Planet Canada’s Syed Rizvi and his team of nutritionists and naturopaths for their insights on achieving optimal health and wellness.

Mama Earth Brings the Local Food Movement to Your Door

The shift towards local food is about taste, nutrition, and environmental sustainability. Here’s one Ontario company that’s helping spearhead the movement.

Disrupting the Food Industry: Changing the Future Through Innovation

Looking for new ways to reduce your environmental footprint? Read about some of the latest innovations in food packaging solutions.

Reaching Your Health and Wellness Consumers, Directly

When it comes to health and wellness, keeping pace with consumer trends is vital. These Canadian events help you reach your consumers directly.

The Future of Food in Tourism

Explore the future of food on Adventure Canada’s Taste of Place, where you can venture on the journey of sustainably-sourced local cuisine in Canada’s Atlantic.

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