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Future of Food

Reaching Your Health and Wellness Consumers, Directly

Woman choosing fresh food from her fridge
Woman choosing fresh food from her fridge

When it comes to the future of food and health and wellness, keeping pace with consumer trends is vital. And in a world of seemingly endless connectivity, trends move fast. 

From new diets and new science to rediscovering tested and true nutrition, good food is inseparable from wellness. And there are lots of opportunities in health and wellness. But not every business is built to survive in this fast-moving and innovative industry. Some will strengthen and grow, and others won’t. The ones that do have something in common — they connect with consumers. 

Consumer-centric brands are agile and long-lasting, and able to respond to changes in consumer motivation and spending. If you want to strengthen your product, service, and brand, you’ve got to be on the ground engaging with your consumers. Period.

Growth and longevity in the health and wellness industry

The longest-running and largest owner-operated wellness event in Canada? That’s us. Twenty-five years of being on the cutting edge of health and wellness have given us a lot of insight. And at Health & Wellness Expos of Canada, we share that insight. 

Working with hundreds of businesses, entrepreneurs, influencers, and educators, we know that health, wellness, and food are inseparable. And your consumers? They know it, too. They’re looking for fresh and healthy nutrition choices, and they find it at our expos.

With 25%–30% of our shows dedicated to nutritional and healthy food, and with thousands of visitors attending each of our wellness expos, there are so many opportunities to grow your business.

An audience that wants to live better

Health & Wellness Expos of Canada helps you to reach thousands of pre-qualified, ready-to-buy consumers — and not just any consumers. 

People who attend a Health and Wellness Expos of Canada event are looking for new and innovative products and services. They’re taking their personal health into their own hands and sharing their journeys with friends, family, and social media. 

Whether it’s personal wellness, diets that address illness or pain, or protecting the environment by changing buying habits, consumers at our expos are willing to let you demonstrate your value in their lives. They’re looking for businesses like yours. Are you on the expo floor to greet them?

Facts in the stats

From its humble roots in Winnipeg, Health and Wellness Expos of Canada is a successful and growing Canadian brand. We’re always looking for the cutting edge in health and wellness — from nutritional wellness to a healthy home and everything in between. 

And we’ve got the stats to prove it:

  • 5 cities and growing (Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Calgary, and more on the way)
  • 25 years 
  • 60 expos
  • 98% positive feedback
  • Nearly 200,000 attendees

If you want to grow your business, increase the visibility of your brand, and connect with thousands of potential clients, Health & Wellness Expos of Canada is your next platform.

See you at the expo!

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