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Startup and Scaleup

Michele Romanow crossing her arms
Michele Romanow crossing her arms
Photo courtesy of Janick Laurent

Startup and Scaleup shines a spotlight on Canadian entrepreneurs and the positive impact they’ve had on our economy. Learn about the incubators, universities, and communities fostering the growth of startups, as well as the opportunities for innovative and independent Canadian business owners.

The Power of Iteration and Resiliency with Michele Romanow

Maybe best known for Dragons’ Den, Clearbanc co-founder Michele Romanow shares her story, advice, and encouragement for budding Canadian businesses.

What Makes a Place Feel Like a Home for Entrepreneurs?

We asked Canadian Federation of Independent Business’ Ted Mallett for his insight into the best Canadian cities for starting or running a business.

I’m an SME, Help Me Help Myself

Though there are many federal programs to help Small or Medium Enterprises grow, navigating them can be extremely difficult, if not downright impossible.

How Alternative Lending Can Help Fund Your Business

Learn about alternative lending solutions and how Smarter Loans can help you make more informed small business and startup decisions.

How to Find the Best Financing Solution For Your Small Business

Unexpected expenses can hit a small business out of the blue and many will need financing at some point. Keep these things in mind when looking at options.

Why Edmonton Is Surging in Global Tech Rankings

When it comes to the building blocks for a world-class tech hub, Edmonton has it all. Read how talent succeeds talent in Canada’s emerging tech hotspot.

Jobber’s CEO Sam Pillar on Why He Chose to Land His Business in Edmonton

Edmonton is a burgeoning tech hub that’s steadily climbing global rankings. Here’s one CEO’s take on why the city is so appealing to startups.

Calgary: Canada’s Most Adventurous Tech City

Think Calgary and think of big skies, the Rocky Mountains, and energy — but now a new kind of energy is creating Canada’s most adventurous tech city.

Enactus Inspires Young People to Change the World Through Entrepreneurship

With entrepreneurial skills acquired through Enactus, a Canadian start-up tackles plastic waste and pollution by offering eco-friendly alternatives.

Why Canada Needs to Invest in Young Entrepreneurs

Research suggests that our innovation potential declines after the age of 24 — it’s critical that we tap into this innovation before it subsides.

Halifax — A Hotbed for Innovators

Halifax is building a city where education, industry, and residents are interconnected and collaborating to create new and better ways of doing things.

Great Clips Is a Cut Above the Rest

Great Clips franchisees own and independently run their own business, with the support of a successful and established brand name.

A Land of Opportunities: Welcome to Camrose

Camrose’s value-added agricultural industries make the city a fertile ground for for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and startups.

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