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The Future of Our Planet

Header - Cartoon of hands and trees and a person
Header - Cartoon of hands and trees and a person

The Future of Our Planet campaign seeks to educate the Canadian general public on the greatest environmental challenges in our world today while highlighting Canadian leadership in developing innovative solutions to these global issues.

Recharging Canada’s Economy with Renewables

It has been a challenging year, but as the world begins to heal from a global pandemic, there is new hope on the horizon.

A Clean and Just Recovery Depends on Your Voice

As we prepare for a post-COVID-19 future, we know that more action is needed to ensure a safe, equitable, and sustainable future for Canadians.

Planting the Seeds to Our Sustainable Future

Mediaplanet recently connected with Canada’s Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, The Honourable Marie-Claude Bibeau for her thoughts on the future of sustainable agriculture in Canada.

TD Bank Group Leads the Way to a More Sustainable Future

With a notable commitment to sustainability and a series of innovative collaborations, TD is at the forefront of addressing climate change.

Tetra Pak Is Taking the Lead on the Journey to Sustainable Food Packaging

Tetra Pak is on a company-wide mission to create cartons that are more environmentally-sound than ever.

Driving Toward a Low-Carbon Future

Canada’s transportation fuels sector believes that it can be a key contributor to a low-carbon economy. Bob Larocque, President and CEO of the Canadian Fuels Association (CFA),discusses CFA’s recently-released roadmap to the future, Driving to 2050.

Canada’s Emerging Energy Efficiency Sector is Primed to Power Our Future

While it is often overlooked as a sector in the traditional sense, energy efficiency presents promising opportunities for well-paid, fulfilling careers and a role in addressing the climate crisis.

Ontario Coalition Focuses on Near-Urban Nature Protection

A coalition of governments, communities, and non-profits is pushing for greater protection of near-urban nature in the Greater Golden Horseshoe area.

Make a Difference with the TreesOfLives® Impact Investment Fund

Many investors dream of making a real difference with their money and now they can with Viridis Terra’s TreesOfLives® fund.

Sustainably-Managed Forests: Essential for Canada, Youth Employment, and Fighting Climate Change

Sustainably-managed forests are critical to our collective future. The forest sector is a key partner in the fight against climate change. Forests — particularly when they’re managed sustainably — sequester carbon, and products sourced from these forests can store carbon for decades.

Alberta’s Oil Sands Are Driving the Future of Cleantech

For years, Alberta’s oil sands have been a major driver of the Canadian economy. But with the collapse in global crude oil demand as a result of the pandemic, key players in the region are looking for new opportunities for Alberta’s traditional resources.

We Live on a Giant Battery and Canadian Innovation Is Plugging Us In

Geothermal energy is the whole package. It’s clean, it’s reliable, and it’s there whenever you need it. But it has never been portable or scalable. Until now.

The Essential Service That’s Protecting Our Future: Our Forest Sector

The Canadian Institute of Forestry is the national voice of forest practitioners, with an interdisciplinary membership across Canada working to ensure that our forests are vibrant, healthy, and sustainable.

Entrepreneurial Innovation: Leading the Way to True Circularity

Climate change and resource misuse are arguably the largest collective challenges we all face; solutions will need to be aggressive, thoughtful, and scalable in order to make a truly significant impact.

Your Guide to Mindful Living with Candice Batista

Mediaplanet recently spoke with Candice Batista, an award-winning Environmental Journalist, the Editor in Chief for The Eco Hub, and one of Canada’s leading eco advocates for her thoughts on mindful living.

Seven Ways to Win the Global Race to Net-Zero

Fuelled first by climate science and growing public concern, the global race to net-zero is now accelerating, sped along by the scale of economic opportunity and business risk.

Sustainable Forest Management as a Nature-Based Solution

Our forests are the ultimate climate warriors: they remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and lock up carbon in their wood, releasing oxygen in the process. Did you know that 50% of wood is made of carbon? Planting more trees is a great nature-based solution to climate change; however, so is sustainable forest management!

Kick-Starting Your Low-Waste Lifestyle with Tara McKenna

Mediaplanet recently caught up with sustainability entrepreneur and founder of The Zero Waste Collective, Tara McKenna for her insights on low-waste living and her own personal journey.

Unleashing Creative Fuel for Canada’s Energy Transition

There are some big challenges that stand between us and the kind of world we want to build 30 years from now, but few are bigger than the mindset we seem to have in Canada about energy and climate change. To reach a better environmental future for everyone, we need to start thinking about energy and climate change, as one and not as solitudes.

Canada’s Pandemic Budget the Perfect Opportunity to Expedite Transit Innovation

Dr. Josipa Petrunic is CEO of The Canadian Urban Transit Research and Innovation Consortium, the non-profit responsible for the development and commercialization of low-carbon transit technologies.

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