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Women in STEM

Women in STEM unites industry leaders with inspiring stories of passion, persistence, and success, to provide you with information about the ever-growing possibilities STEM fields hold for girls and women across Canada.

Driving Student Engagement in Online Learning with MindFuel

MindFuel — a non-profit pioneer in STEM digital learning and youth innovation landscapes — is leading the way with world-class programming.

Experts’ Panel

While more women and girls in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) are finding more support and fellowship than ever before, there’s still much to be done toward achieving gender parity. Below, leading women in STEM fields share their experiences and career advice for youth.

Zainab Azim panel icon

Zainab Azim

World’s Youngest Future Astronaut

Ann Makosinski

Founder, Nann & Co

Natali Altshuler panel icon

Natali Altshuler

Vice President & Head of Operations, EA SPORTS

Bobbie Racette panel icon

Bobbie Racette

Founder & CEO, Virtual Gurus

Dear Young Scientists — A Letter From a Toronto Zoo Scientist

When exploring careers in STEM, Dr. Gabriela Mastromonaco — who now works at the Toronto Zoo — chose a unique field: reproductive conservation science.

Get in the Game with a STEM Career in the Gaming Industry

For young professionals with STEM skills, EA SPORTS — a diverse and inclusive gaming company — is an all-star choice for your career.

How to Get More Girls Excited About STEM

Designed for girls and led by women both young and otherwise, Connections from Queen’s University teaches girls about STEM, leadership, and confidence.

Business and STEM — the Best of Both Worlds

The Odette School of Business is giving its business students a competitive edge with opportunities to combine business education with STEM.

Women at the Forefront of Research at the University of Regina

Women interested in STEM have opportunity to work under the mentorship of high-quality female researchers at the University of Regina.

Women in STEM, Your Time Is Here

Algonquin College’s We Saved You a Seat initiative is changing the school’s culture and encouraging young women to enter historically male-dominated fields.

No Lab? No Problem! 4 Ways to Explore Science at Home

The Canadian Association for Girls In Science shares their top science activities for kids to try at home — STEM fun is just a few household items away!

Why Engineering’s Diversity Is Its Strength

The Ontario Society of Professional Engineers’ (OSPE) Diversity and Inclusion Task Force is providing strategies in areas such as leadership and training.

Pandemic Recovery Must Prioritize Equity and Inclusion

A growing gender disparity in the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic calls for new equitable and inclusive strategies when designing the future of work.

Foster a Gender-Equal STEM Sector in Canada: 3 Essential Steps

We need to open the doors to STEM for women and Two Spirit, trans, and non-binary people. Here’s 3 ways to break the gender barriers in STEM.

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