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Women in STEM


The Women in STEM campaign aims to promote women and girls in science, technology, engineering, and math — showcasing ways to advance in education, opportunities for mentorship and collaboration, and organizations working towards a more gender equitable future.

Building Connections for Wildlife Science and Species Survival

Toronto Zoo’s diverse team of established scientists continue to ensure meaningful impacts on conservation science.

Q&A with Zainab Azim — ‘World’s Youngest Future Astronaut’

Zainab discusses her passions for astronomy, why diversity is so important in STEM fields, and how we can better support the next generation of female explorers.

Q&A with Ann Makosinski — Inventor and Entrepreneur

Ann talks about her beginnings in STEM, her experiences growing up as a girl in STEM, and her advice for Canada’s future innovators.

SCWIST Removes Barriers to Unlock STEM Innovation

For 40 years, the Society for Canadian Women in Science & Technology has aimed to empower women to make STEM fields more diverse.

OWN Your Career: Technical Training For Underemployed In Ontario

Underrepresented newcomers in tech: “In a competitive global economy, Canada can’t afford to leave talent on the sidelines.”

Carleton University’s WiE&IT Program Helps Close Gender Gap in STEM

Carleton University is committed to bridging the gender gap in STEM fields through its recently-launched program.

How Women Are Driving Meaningful Change in the Biopharma Industry

Building the next generation of female STEM talent is critical for solving the complex problems of today and the future.

How Mitacs is Helping Businesses Connect with Women in STEM

Diversity brings different perspectives, and thinking to a challenge and, in STEM fields, this translates to greater innovation.

Job Training Programs Bring Young Women Into STEM Leadership Roles

Indigenous communities around Canada turn to the diverse team at Narratives Inc. to help them navigate the project-planning landscape.

Meet the Women Scientists behind CRISPR

Women scientists are conducting breakthrough research in the development of new technologies with promising potentials in genome science.

Q&A with Women in Renewable Energy — WiRE

We spoke with Joanna Osawe, Julia Cushing and Aisha Bukhari, the team at Women in Renewable Energy (WiRE).

How Women in STEM Can Inspire the Next Generation

CAGIS provides diverse role models to girls and gender-nonconforming youth, which can increase their interest in pursuing STEM.

How to Help Your Daughter Explore Careers Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Build a Dream’s top 10 tips for Career Exploration.

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