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Karen Restoule

Karen Restoule

CEO, Shared Value Solutions, Dokis First Nation

Indigenous Peoples are clear on what they want to achieve: sustainable prosperity.

Indigenous Nations have remained steadfast in ensuring that the land and water are protected for future generations. Where there have been conversations about engaging with industry to develop resources in their territories, communities have been clear that the approaches and processes need to prioritize environmental sustainability. Alongside that, they’re clear that developments are to ensure the future growth of their Nations over time and, most importantly, on their own terms.

For over a decade, Shared Value Solutions has worked alongside partner communities toward their goal of economic prosperity without compromising their commitment to environmental stewardship. We offer a range of environmental technical services, regulatory and negotiation support, social research, knowledge gathering, community, and land use planning — always in alignment with a Nation’s vision and values. We work side by side with communities to challenge existing processes and structures that have, for far too long, held Indigenous Nations back from achieving their goals of sustainable prosperity.

Where industry has historically kept business purely transactional, we’ve been working with Indigenous Nations to drive toward a new type of partnership — one that is dynamic and puts Indigenous environmental, social, and governance considerations at the heart of a project and throughout all aspects of the relationship. Because sustainability is the pathway to prosperity for everyone — Indigenous Nations and Canada, alike.

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