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Robert Haller

Robert Haller

Executive Director, CWWA

Water isn’t magical. Clean drinking water doesn’t just appear from your tap at the wave of a wand. And when you flush your toilet, it only seems like everything disappears. In reality, these things require a lot of technology and highly-trained professionals who are committed to delivering safe, reliable drinking water and dedicated to protecting your wider water environment. The Canadian Water and Wastewater Association represents all those water professionals who serve you and your community. 

But we need the support of every citizen and every business to protect our water resources and ensure healthy and efficient water systems. Here are four thoughts for you: 

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Use water wisely.

While water may seem abundant in some parts of the country, we have serious scarcity issues in many others. Even in areas with a lot of water, reducing water consumption means reducing unnecessary energy consumption. Efficient appliances, water barrels for gardens, and industrial re-use are all huge steps forward.

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Reduce plastic waste — drink tap water!

The water we deliver to your tap is safe and delicious — and incredibly inexpensive compared to bottled water. Single-use water bottles add so much plastic to our waste systems and, eventually, the environment. Get into the habit of using a refillable bottle. Visit bluew.org for supportive ideas and an innovative app that will help you find free places to refill your reusable water bottle.

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Toilets aren’t garbage cans.

Please stick to the 3 Ps — pee, poop, and paper (just toilet paper). Fats, oils, grease, hygiene products, and wipes that say they’re flushable cause tremendous problems down the line. These items will clog the sewer lines, causing expensive repairs and spilling raw sewage into the environment. Then the microplastics in these items aren’t captured and eventually enter our waterways.

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Be prepared for a flood.

Is your home, business or property flood-proofed? We’ll continue to see extreme weather that has the potential to cause great damage. Slope your landscaping so that water runs away from your house and not in to it. Have you installed backflow control on the sewer lines leaving your home? You’ll be thankful you did.  

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