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Meeting Labour Market Demand with Upskilling Programs at UWindsor

University of Windsor Header image
University of Windsor Header image
Continuing Education at University of Windsor offers programs that lay the foundations to succeed in the future of work

The University of Windsor offers comprehensive upskilling programs based on insight and collaboration from industry partners in health, technology, and business.

As the labour market evolves to demand new skills and fill more job vacancies with the mass retirement of Baby Boomers, UWindsor adapts to meet these needs through its department of Continuing Education, whose mission is to provide lifelong learning opportunities for everyone.

Through industry insight and partnerships, UWindsor identified skill and labour gaps in healthcare informatics, business leadership, and business operations. With this information, the university then developed Health Informatics, Applied Leadership, and miniMBA programs.

Individuals seeking in-demand skills can easily access them through UWindsor Continuing Education programs. With minimal prerequisites, online, evening and weekend classes, they provide flexible learning formats that accommodate busy schedules.

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Health Informatics an in-demand profession

Health Informatics improves patient care by using information technology to organize and analyze data. In 2021, over 84 per cent of health organizations hired at least one Information Technology (IT) Technician, an increase of 5 per cent in a year. 

Industry partner, TransForm Shared Services Organization, requested UWindsor to develop the Health Informatics program to create a pipeline of qualified applicants for anticipated employment opportunities in the Essex region. The program is led by a variety of experts in the field, which includes instructors from the regional hospital and a practicing lawyer in data privacy and security.

Digitizing health care is a large industry undertaking enabling an efficient and improved health-care system Canadians deserve. This profession is fulfilling as the purpose is making a positive impact on societal health, while keeping compensation for these roles competitive. 

Advancing leadership skills across industries

Leadership and soft skills are drastically lacking across all industries and sectors. The Applied Leadership Program (APL) qualifies individuals to tackle real-world scenarios that hinder the development of resilient teams and successful project outcomes.

The APL program offers a unique coaching experience from industry experts across a variety of disciplines. The individual will learn how to refine their communication strategies, create leadership plans to support organizations, and understand project lifecycles and best practices in change management. 

UWindsor’s industry partner, Rocket Innovation Studio, participates in this program by providing case studies that engage students and challenge their approach to problem-solving. The program concludes with a capstone project, which allows students to collaborate, synthesize their knowledge, and build industry connections. 

Enhance business skills with miniMBA

For employers hoping to upskill their teams, UWindsor offers a miniMBA program that covers the core business functions, including strategic management. The skills acquired can be applied to any organization. 

This program is also a great opportunity for individuals to refresh their business administration knowledge and network with like-minded individuals. 

At UWindsor, there’s an upskilling opportunity for everyone — workshops, seminars, certificates, and more

Upskilling programs for individuals and organizations

At UWindsor, there’s an upskilling opportunity for everyone — workshops, seminars, certificates, and more. Most programs are eligible for financial support to individuals and organizations through the OSAP micro-credential application, and the Canada-Ontario Job Grant. 

We encourage individuals and organizations interested in upskilling to check out the complete list of programs available at continue.uwindsor.ca.

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