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Advancing Women’s Leadership

Women's Leadership
Women's Leadership

Why Gender Equality Is About More Than Gender

Women make up half of the Canadian population, and we need to build programs and solutions that recognize a group of 19 million won’t all going to be alike.

Fostering Inclusion by Understanding and Embracing Intersectionality

TD’s inclusive culture enables colleagues to bring their whole selves to work — and it all starts with an understanding of intersectionality.

How Bell Supports Women in Tech

Having diverse talent, skills, and perspectives drives an organization’s ability to innovate. At Bell, diversity includes empowering women in tech.

Education and Resilient Support Give Rise to Change

Broadening access to learning, fostering leadership, and empowering others to value inclusion and equity are keys to change. TVO proudly lights the way.

Developing the Innovative Women Leaders of the Future

At Simon Fraser University’s progressive and innovative Beedie School of Business, it’s all about empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs.

For Biogen Canada, a People-First Culture Is the Key to Success

For Marina Vasiliou, a diverse and empowered team is vital to transforming the lives of patients with neurological conditions.

Working Together to Help Canadian Women Find Their Voices

Over the last few decades, and with the help of charities like Plan International Canada, women and girls have progressed toward equality and empowerment.

Dourra visiting the Pfizer offices
Dourra, a 19-year-old University of Ottawa student visiting the Pfizer offices

Women Leaders of Tomorrow Need Better Education Now

The pandemic is impacting everyone, but girls and women are bearing the brunt of the burden. Plan International Canada is mobilizing to address the crisis.

Global Citizenship Is the Key to Stopping the Setback

Canadians have the opportunity to help stop the setback for millions of girls and women by supporting organizations like Plan International Canada.

Teamwork and Success Go Hand in Hand

Eva Wong has become one of Canada’s greatest inspirations for entrepreneurs. Read her take on succeeding in the tech and entrepreneurial sectors.

Resilience in Entrepreneurship

Serial entrepreneur Laurie Clark shares her perspective on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on entrepreneurs and women in fintech.

Let the Women Speak — It’s Good for Business

If we really want to progress, everyone should be invited to the table — and more than that, everyone needs the chance to contribute. Let the women speak.

Cathy Miner
Catherine Miner pictured at her office in Amsterdam

Why Women Empowering Women Is the Future of Pharma

With more than 300 empowered members, Women Leaders in Pharma are harnessing the experiences, advice, and energy of brave, bold leaders.

Leading with Purpose and Closing the Gap

As women, our holistic approach to career and business can help close the gender gap. Let us focus on combining our strengths to achieve our goals.

Don’t Leave Women Behind in the Post-COVID Economy

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on women in the workplace, particularly women of colour. Business leaders must take action.

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