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Connecting over Coffee: Q&A with YouTube Star Emma Chamberlain

emma chamberlain coffee
emma chamberlain coffee
Photos courtesy of Chamberlain Coffee

For YouTube star Emma Chamberlain, coffee is more than a drink — it’s a way to connect and share moments. From her early introduction to the caffeinated beverage to starting her own brand, Chamberlain’s journey with coffee is a passionate one.


When did you first fall in love with coffee?

I’ve been drinking coffee since middle school. I remember going on coffee dates with my dad when I was younger and seeing him drink coffee — I couldn’t wait until I was old enough to drink it, too! I started a tad younger than I should have, but my love for coffee has only grown as I have.


What’s your go-to coffee drink recipe?

My go-to recipe for an at-home latte is Chamberlain Coffee’s Fancy Mouse Espresso Blend, mixed with almond milk or dairy-free creamer-like oat milk — always iced. For some reason, I’m not a fan of hot coffee.

Coffee just became a part of my brand on the internet and I wanted to turn that into something bigger, in the most authentic way possible.


What led you to start your coffee brand, Chamberlain Coffee?

I’ve been drinking coffee since I was young… maybe a little too young! Coffee has always been comforting for me and has been a huge part of my life. As I got older, enjoying a cup of coffee became a way for me and my dad to bond. Once I started high school, I would drink coffee to keep me going throughout the day. When I started creating my YouTube videos, a lot of my content was even centred around coffee recipes and my favourite cafes in Los Angeles. Coffee just became a part of my brand on the internet and I wanted to turn that into something bigger, in the most authentic way possible.


Why is sustainability important when it comes to the coffee industry? How does Chamberlain Coffee incorporate sustainable practices?

Sustainability in the coffee industry is important for the future of the planet and also for the future of farmers. Most coffee farms are located in underdeveloped countries that have high rates of poverty, leaving a lot of coffee farmers and their families really vulnerable. These conditions make it difficult for farmers and their families to have access to basic necessities. Coffee farming also requires a huge amount of resources like land and water, which can have a negative impact on our environment, if not done correctly.

When I created Chamberlain Coffee, I wanted the brand to be authentic in every sense, and a big part of that for me was ensuring that all our coffee was made responsibly and ethically. Chamberlain Coffee is not only responsibly made but also sustainably sourced and packaged. We source all our own products and prepare them in a local facility in California so we can ensure that our products are certified USDA organic and kept to the best standard.


How would you say Chamberlain Coffee differs from other coffee brands?

From the beginning, we wanted Chamberlain Coffee to be as lighthearted and as true to me as possible. We did exactly that by creating an approachable and fun brand reflected through our bright colours and our Chamberlain characters, who are featured on every product. A lot of coffee brands are pretty serious in tone and colour scheme, and we wanted to be the opposite. My coffee routine is my favourite part of my day, and I wanted that to manifest through our products. I love all our characters and they make me smile throughout the day — that was the goal.


What advice would you give someone who is dreaming of starting their own coffee brand?

When starting any type of brand or business, it’s so important to be passionate about whatever it is that you’re bringing to life. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a love for coffee, and I knew I wanted to turn my passion into something that can bring joy to others. Part of my vision with Chamberlain Coffee was finding a way to bring people together, whether that was creating a memorable moment (like the ones I share with my dad) by enjoying a cup of coffee with friends or by helping make someone’s morning routine a little bit brighter. We really tried to reflect this idea of creating a moment by offering so many different products that can suit an array of consumers depending on their interests, whether that’s with a highly-caffeinated cup of our Fancy Mouse Espresso Blend or our Sleepy Sloth Decaf Blend.

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