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Nivera Wallani 2

Nivera Wallani

President & General Manager, KFC Canada

Armando Carrillo

Armando Carrillo

Food Innovation Manager, KFC Canada

KFC continues to honour its roots of sourcing high-quality ingredients and developing food innovations to meet the evolving preferences of Canadian consumers.

Canada’s favourite Finger Lickin’ Good quick service restaurant has a proud history of quality and innovation, and its ongoing success is a testament to finding a recipe for success and sticking with it.

High-quality chicken and timeless recipes you can count on

Kentucky may be a southern state, but the chicken you get at KFC Canada has a local postal code. KFC serves 100 percent Canadian farm-raised chicken, free of added hormones or steroids, delivered fresh to KFC restaurants throughout the week.  Their partnership with Chicken Farmers of Canada’s Raised by a Canadian Farmer program highlights their commitment to serving only the highest quality chicken.

Our signature taste, quality, and affordability are at the centre of everything we do and purchasing locally-sourced Canadian ingredients will always be part of our value equation.

“Consumers expect transparency in where their food comes from,” says Nivera Wallani, President and General Manager of KFC Canada. “Seeing this logo on our menu provides our guests with the reassurance that KFC’s chicken meets highly strict auditing guidelines and policies around sustainability, animal care, and food safety.”

KFC’s chief recipe — chicken that’s hand-breaded by real cooks using the same 11 herbs and spices that have defined the company for generations — is another source of pride for the restaurant. “Our success is a direct result of staying true to our founder’s original way of doing things,” says Armando Carrillo, Food Innovation Manager of KFC Canada. “The Colonel had a manifesto called the hard way, which today we call the right way. It’s about being committed to quality and not cutting corners for convenience.”

KFC chicken sandwich content

Continuing a history of quality and innovation

KFC’s high-quality ingredients don’t end with its chicken. The company proudly uses high-grade ingredients with no artificial flavours or colours, including the highest-quality, Canadian-grown canola oil for frying and Canadian-grown and milled wheat that’s also packaged in Canada.

“Our signature taste, quality, and affordability are at the centre of everything we do and purchasing locally-sourced Canadian ingredients will always be part of our value equation,” says Wallani. “Supporting local helps to grow the Canadian economy, ensure food quality and safety, and reduce KFC’s carbon footprint.”

While KFC is famous for its Original Recipe chicken, they are also well-known for their bold innovations, like their Famous Chicken Chicken Sandwich.  What makes their innovations successful are that they are grounded in the brand’s authentic identity and attention to quality while pushing the boundaries of consumer trends in unexpected and attention-grabbing ways.  Take for instance Plant-Based KFC, which sold out within six hours when first introduced in 2019. “Plant-Based KFC was specifically developed in response to Canada’s evolving tastes and preferences,” says Carrillo. “It’s intended for those looking to try the Colonel’s famous taste in a plant-based, on-the-go, meat-free meal. Just as our chicken is 100 percent Canadian farm-raised, we’re proud that our plant-based sandwich is made by Lightlife in Canada.”

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