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Mike Bradly

Mike Bradley

CEO and Founder Clik2pay

Clik2pay offers a fast, easy, and secure solution for seamless business bill payments using Interac e-transfer.

Whether an individual paying a utility bill, a small business paying a supplier, or a large corporation issuing millions of invoices, Canadians want more options for bill payments.

“About 40% of Canadians would prefer to pay directly from their bank accounts,” says Mike Bradley, CEO and Founder of Clik2pay, a Canadian bill payment service company. “However, it’s currently quite inconvenient to do so.”

Bradley is alluding to the legacy bill payment system in Canada, which many consider to be cumbersome by today’s standards. To find efficiencies, many Canadians have turned to credit cards to pay their bills which are much more expensive for billers.

“The billing process hasn’t changed much in over 20 years,” says Bradley. “Today’s bill payment solutions were developed in the 1980s and early 1990s and don’t really pass the test in terms of what customers and billers are expecting today.”

Building on trusted Interac e-Transfer® service

To meet this need Clik2pay recently launched Canada’s first real-time, seamless bill payment service.

“With everybody looking to save time and money, Clik2pay offers businesses a faster and cheaper path to getting their money — and customers a more convenient option to pay their bills and invoices,” says Bradley. Businesses can add payment links to bills or invoices using Clik2pay — which looks like a link, QR code or button on a website – without their customers having to sign up, register, or download an app. With a few single clicks, bills and invoices can be paid directly from a bank account.

“This gives businesses a clearer view of when the dollars are actually in their accounts, allows them to see how the payments are being made, and saves on expensive credit card fees,” says Bradley. For large companies issuing millions of invoices a month, the benefits can be substantial. “It’s part of the package of digital enablement that makes life easier for a business.”

Clik2pay leverages the Interac e-Transfer® service offered through People’s Trust Company. “Together with our partners, Interac and People’s Trust, we’re looking to make e-transfer that much easier and more effective for the businesses and people who use it,” says Bradley.

No sign up required — just download the app

Aside from speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, the Clik2pay method is secure. Transactions are protected by multiple layers of bank-grade security and the highest standards for risk management. “Clik2pay relies heavily on the security that’s already established between the banks for Interac e-transfer, and we’ve added our own security on top of that to make sure everything is performing as expected,” says Bradley.

Clik2pay launched the platform at a recent industry event, enticing people to try the technology by making a $5 donation to the Make-a-Wish Foundation. “Make-a-Wish had worked with us to enable our QR code, so we launched this campaign for people to try it out and donate to a worthy children’s charity at the same time,” says Bradley. “The campaign went so well that we decided to extend it,” he says.

For the duration of the campaign, Clik2pay is covering all merchant fees associated with Make-a-Wish Foundation so 100 percent of the donation flows through to the charity.

Check out the platform for yourself and make a donation here.

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