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Glenn W. Hewus P.Eng., MBA, FCSCE, GSC


The Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (CSCE) is a learned society whose purpose is to uphold the standards of work within our practice and to help those who wish to pursue this profession to succeed in delivering on their goals. The strength of CSCE is due, in large part, to the expertise and desire from our members to make changes in an industry that is strongly linked to society’s infrastructure.  The organization continues to grow in size, strength, and purpose, thanks to the fact that helping others is part of human nature.

In an effort to foster Canada’s innovative development, CSCE will be unveiling a new means of communication to its members. This spring we are launching the CSCE HUB, an online tool whereby our entire community  — which includes members from over 30 countries — can discuss, share, and learn from each other’s expertise and experience. We are making strides towards leveraging technology to simplify information sharing for the benefit of our industry and the improvement of our practice.

At CSCE, we look forward to sharing our new lineup of courses and events for the year ahead. We are expanding our offering of technical courses and starting to include soft skill training as well. Visit our website regularly for updates.

On a last note, we will always encourage continued learning, leveraging your network, and staying current in everything you do. With CSCE, we can help you do all of these things and more.

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