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amy dicks pshsa

Amy Dicks

Director, Digital Learning Innovation at Public Services Health & Safety Association

We all think and learn differently. Shouldn’t our workplace training reflect that?

We’ve all been there

You’re on day three of a four-day course, looking at the clock instead of focusing on the content. It’s not that you don’t care or that you don’t want to learn. Maybe you’re thinking about the pile of work that’s building in the background. Perhaps only half of the course content is relevant to your job. What you really need is a different approach to accessing this same information.

Training events, whether facilitated or online, are an essential part of a comprehensive solution that addresses many learning and business objectives, but they often aren’t flexible enough to accommodate the variety of demands we deal with daily. Can employees afford to rearrange their lives for a multi-day training session? And what happens once the training is over? Besides the fact that much of what’s learned will soon be forgotten, how can employees retrieve that one piece of information they really need? Traditional training events alone don’t deliver the results that today’s workplaces need.

What if we started thinking about the possibilities of achieving the same learning objectives in very different ways?

Adaptable training that fits

Adapting content to allow for more flexible learning should be at the top of your organization’s list.

This may mean using a responsive or mobile-first design, designing with accessibility in mind, applying microlearning strategies, or integrating a combination of knowledge transfer methods. Innovative digital learning tools not only make content more interesting and engaging for learners, the training is also more effective. That piece of information you forgot from the four-day session? Access it on your smartphone in mere seconds, exactly when you need it. Flexible learning options such as these will be increasingly important, especially as remote work and training become more prevalent.

As a leader in digital health and safety training, Public Services Health & Safety Association (PSHSA) is excited to take learning to the next level. PSHSA specializes in finding flexible and creative ways to meet your organization’s training needs, providing access to the right knowledge, at the right time, and in the right way while ultimately helping to keep your people informed, educated, healthy, and safe. Whether you’re looking to explore microlearning, digitize an exam, or tailor training content to your specific workplace, PSHSA’s efficient design and development process can help bring your vision to life.

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