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The Future of Food campaign aims to unite industry leaders to educate Canadians on the massive shifts in the Canadian food industry and highlight the individuals and organizations leading these changes. We’re highlighting how innovations in the food industry are benefitting the environment, advancing the health and well-being of Canadians, and leading the future of food.

How Food Banks Reduce Food Waste and Support Canadians in Need

Food banks help the food chain reduce waste and transform food. Here’s how Food Banks Canada is supporting Canadians through food recovery and transformation when they need it most.

Q&A with Roger Mooking

Celebrity chef, restaurateur, television host, author, and award-winning recording artist Roger Mooking tells Mediaplanet about his culinary career, supporting local, the pandemic’s impact on dining, and more.

Canadian Chicken Farmers Deliver on Animal Care All Day, Every Day

Canada’s chicken farmers follow some of the strictest regulations in the world when it comes to caring for their birds.

Understanding Protein Quality: An Essential Step for Optimal Nutrition

Chicken and chickpeas just aren’t comparable. Understanding different sources of protein and how they affect the body is essential.

The Canadian Chicken Industry’s Leap Toward Sustainability Excellence

Canada’s chicken industry has a refreshing success story to tell with respect to sustainability and protecting the environment.

Raised by a Canadian Farmer: What It Means and Why It Matters

The Raised by a Canadian Farmer brand is an important marker that informs Canadians about the origin and quality of their chicken.

KFC’s Legacy Continues in 2021, Founded on Quality and Innovation

KFC continues to honour its roots of sourcing high-quality ingredients and developing food innovations to meet the evolving preferences of Canadian consumers.

From Sourcing to Packaging, KFC Is Leading the Way in Sustainability

KFC’s impressive and growing list of sustainable practices — from ethical and local sourcing to environmentally-friendly packaging — is helping to protect our planet.

Q&A with Mark McEwan

Mark McEwan tells Mediaplanet about his start in the restaurant industry, supporting local, how his business pivoted to keep up with the new normal, and more.

Q&A with Eden Hagos

Eden Hagos, founder of BLACK FOODIE, discusses how her focus on changing the global conversation surrounding Black food culture came to be, how Canadians can support Black-owned food businesses during the pandemic, and what the future of food means to her.

Q&A with David Rocco

David Rocco, a Toronto-born celebrity chef, tells Mediaplanet about adjusting to the new normal, reshaping the way he does business, and his new wine bar, David Rocco – Bar Aperitivo, opening this spring.

Ontario’s Greenhouse Vegetable Farmers Are Growing Food for Canada’s Future

Ontario’s greenhouse vegetable farmers are embracing new innovations in order to find new ways to reinvigorate our economy, embrace our obligations for environmental sustainability, and ensure that everyone has access to safe and nutritious food.

Collaboratively Meeting Plant-Based Food Demand

Protein Industries Canada, an industry-led Supercluster focused on driving growth within Canada’s plant-based food, feed, and ingredients sector is helping Canada meet global demand for this sector.

Restaurants in Canada: Navigating COVID-19 and Reopening

As the spring turns to summer and the pace of vaccinations across the country continues to speed up, restaurant operators and staff finally have a reason to look forward – bring it on, it’s patio season.

Managing Food Allergies During COVID-19 and the Importance of Proper Food Labelling

Food Allergy Canada talks about what Canadians should look for in their labels, managing food allergies during the pandemic, and the importance of allergy awareness in relation to food innovation.

Connecting Canadians Through Food Is at the Heart of Everything at Gay Lea Foods

Gay Lea Foods, a Canadian co-operative around since 1958 and owned by over 1,400 farming families in Ontario and Manitoba, is innovating and helping to foster a thriving Canadian dairy industry.

Catit Insect Protein Cat Food Is Revolutionizing the Pet Care Industry

Cats are carnivores, but traditional meat production emits more carbon than cars do. Using insect protein, Catit is revolutionizing cat food manufacturing.

Digital Smart Labels™: What They Are and Why You Need Them

Digital Smart Labels are transforming the grocery shopping experience and giving grocers a cost-saving and efficient way to engage consumers.

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